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  1. Josh Anderson says:

    Even? if you are a minority of one, the TRUTH is? the TRUTH.

    Seek not greatness, but seek TRUTH and you will find both.

    All TRUTHS are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.



    And neggas here got mansion with 20? toilets, the world is fucked up



  4. goerge lopez says:

    If you ever try to reply back at me, post it here to be viewable for everyone and don’t bother hiding the comments on my email. What are you afraid of??

  5. Panos Kar says:

    Thats a strong message?

  6. HomoSpaien78 says:

    If anyone is missing my presence, don’t worry, I’ll be back around soon. I’m just working on some projects on my computer.

    See if I can’t blow some? minds here when I do.

  7. John Honkie says:

    Thats why your watching it.?

  8. deksman says:

    You are inaccurate.
    Go watch Jacque Fresco’s live interview with Larry King from 1974 (its here on youtube).
    Lasts about 45 mins, and describes things in detail.

    The computer you speak of will NOT control people.
    It will manage weather conditions for optimum, water distribution, monitor plant growth, assist in (unbiased) data retrieval and helping people arrive at decisions using the scientific method.
    It won’t even ‘nudge’ people into specific direction? to influence their decisions.

  9. deksman says:

    No… this is what you said and I quote:
    “ValleyofLight. If you haven’t received Jesus Christ as you personal lord and savior. God isn’t in you life.”

    Either way, my point is that you also said: ‘all-religion one-god propaganda going on that is a deception’ – and yet you adhere to the notion of ‘one true god and/or religion’.

    So basically, to me, it seemed as if you were advocating for the very propaganda you say is ‘wrong’.

    And again… this has? little to do with the subject at hand.

  10. MrIzzyDizzy says:

    “crossroads: labor pains of? a new world view”

  11. MrIzzyDizzy says:

    also the? crossroads – which has peter joseph in it.

  12. Turk Trautvetter says:

    Thrive,,, Esoteric? Agenda,,,,Kymatica,,,Ethos,,,The Calling,,,The awakening

  13. Thordai says:

    ‘people in charge of the world’

    Your fucked right? there with that sentence.

  14. Thordai says:

    You sure its not a? waste of keystrokes to try to explain such things to someone who makes such an erroneous comment of only 2 words without any kind of argument to back it up.

  15. Marcus Khan says:

    The next time my pocket calculator grounds me and takes away my? car keys and won’t let me see my girlfriend I’m going to rebel! That’s the last time I let technologies programmed by people oppress me. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!

  16. Marcus Khan says:

    I agree…I mean the last time we left the inventory tracking system at the local grocery store to? do what it was programmed to do, it ended up taking control of the entire city and enslaved us all, forcing us to give blowjobs to software programmers and engineers for milk, bread, butter, cheese, and eggs. Nobody saw the fascist techno-communist take-over coming…

    Oh wait, that’s because it never happened. All those computer systems do is monitor to make sure items don’t run out. THE HORROR!!!

  17. BubbleOhse7en says:

    I swear on my LIFE that IF the people in charge of this? world don’t start fully addressing the issues raised in this documentary and put forward LEGITIMATE ways to solve them with in 10 years, I will, in the name of humanity and rationality, create/join a humanitarian Jihad for its cause.
    Reply ยท

  18. drumknuckle says:

    So a computer (which has to be programmed by people) will have total control over society. Sounds great! ….I mean …what could possibly go wrong???? …right?? :-)

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