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Windows Tip HD – Hide Your IP Address

December 5, 2010 by admin  
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In this video I will show you how to hide/change your IP address so that you can bypass websites that have blocked your IP address, so that you can surf the internet anonymously, or if you want your files/programs to be better protected against intruders. Hide My IP 2009: My Website:


25 Responses to “Windows Tip HD – Hide Your IP Address”
  1. Designing5 says:

    @liam12347 I got a keygen and installed it and it sucked.

  2. Designing5 says:

    @iPT2gGeec It’s cool. It’s not what I was looking for. This is big time overrated.

  3. Designing5 says:

    @liam12347 I was very dissapointed in this sofware.

  4. Designing5 says:

    @iPT2gGeec I already got one from somewhere else but got tired of it. It ended up not being a very good software. It was hiding the IP but what I wanted was to change it. I would not use it again.

  5. liam12347 says:

    @Designing5 The wonders of keygens!

  6. TurkishWarriorking says:

    Ok, why is EVERYONE pointing out his IP can be seen O_o Calm down everyone, I think he understands the issue here.

  7. TheTrueResponder says:

    Why did you blur out your IP at the beginning and later we can spot your IP clearly see it on more than one place?

  8. patricksauce1 says:

    does this work for ipod touch?? i need ive been band from this website

  9. Hitzoo says:

    In the program can you see the real Ip under the unreal one

  10. Hitzoo says:

    You forgot to highlight your ip

  11. pantsiosk says:

    Does this software hide right my ip to unlock history channel site videos ?And nat geographic?

  12. jbkrule says:

    @adayucebas wow your are a stupid fucking moron. you couldn’t hack youtube if you tried for 20 years because you are that stupid.

  13. jbkrule says:

    @VlogsAreForFagz it also shows up in the hide your ip address program “you are hiding your real ip address” and it says what it is

  14. andylife777 says:

    cool man nice job you are good man hey man do you know how can i get a free norton for my comp man

  15. SnowDals says:

    GG, u showd ur IP in the end just for ur info <3

  16. RelianceSkateCom says:

    Thanks man. I got blocked from this Fingerboard Forum, and they kept looking at my IP adress and deleting my acounts haha Thanks Though.

  17. MostAwsomeGuyEver says:

    Can u like download from piratebay safe with this?

  18. satish61star says:

    Thanks David For a nice tip. i will subscribe to ur channel……… Thanks once again ………….

  19. liam22800 says:

    Thanks it works :)

  20. adayucebas says:


  21. Toonakes says:

    u guys must have eagle eyes to spot out his ip address lol :P

  22. TheMytrick says:

    Your real ip is : :P

  23. iPT2gGeec says:

    @Designing5 Sorry, I don’t have one. And even if I didn’t I wouldn’t give it out.

  24. Designing5 says:

    It would be great if I was able to get a License key, don’t you think?!

  25. wwetnagamer009 says:

    i was on a fourm site and i got banned if i use this to make a new account will it works also after my 14 day trail will my ip still be the same i used to make the account on these program Ex. i use this program to make the account on the forums 14days later will the webite show my real ip or the one from the program?

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