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Why the fuss about the Qods force now?

January 2, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Black Persian Pasha: Why the fuss about the Qods force now?

Tip-e-Qods , the Jerusalem brigade, is the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards charged with aggressively pursuing the interests of the Iranian regime abroad.

They have been actively waging war against America, mostly by proxy through their surrogates, such as Hezbollah whom theu armed and trained, and sometimes directly.

They were present in Somalia at the time of killing of the US Rangers ( or was it Delta force?) back in 1993 and have been assasinating CIA operatives in the region for 20 years.

President Bush wants to get tough with them for killing Americans soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but has only managed to nab 5: and these were on diplomatic passports on the invitation of the Iraqi Govt.

The Qods force can nip in and out of countries with ease…they remain elusive but everpresent: Bush says he is targeting 20 of the 50 operatives in Iraq….but how do you fight a unit that is in the shadows all the time ????

and where will this end?
The January Karbala incident, in which 5 US soliders were executed in their own base, clearly was their work.

The sheer audacity of dressing up as Americans ,with ID and all, and lining up and shooting 5 soldiers shows that they believe they can do what they like, where they like.

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Answer by John T
You give several good reasons why they should be targeted.

A “unit in the shadows” particularly of such a small size makes it more difficult but not impossible.

Where did the Cold War end? Where did the War on Drugs end? The War on Crime? This is all of that wrapped into one.

The War on Terror Blog:–;_ylt=AvKCmn92W_FCk0ugZGetFgekAOJ3?cq=1

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