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Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians?

February 3, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Private Deek: Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians?

It’s also notable that Al Jazeera’s reportage yesterday avoided interviewing ordinary Gazans. Arab sources in Gaza confided that the public anger is not directed at Israel any more than it is at Hamas. Al Jazeera, doing a superb job as PR agents for Iran’s proxies, likely wanted to avoid risking those types of reactions from the battlefield.

The source also said that Hamas is “doing very bad things” to Fatah activists in Gaza both as revenge against claims that Fatah leadership provided intelligence to Israel, and as a warning to Fatah to avoid the temptation of being convinced by Egypt, the US and the West that they reassert control in Gaza.

Fatah officials in the West Bank are also demoralized. Nasser Juma’a, a Palestinian Legislative Council Member from Nablus told a well known British reporter yesterday that the “Hamas are insects” and noted that the Palestinians would likely not see a Palestinian state in his lifetime.” Qadura Fares, a Fatah senior, said that the PA would not succeed either in the West Bank or Gaza without “tackling the privileges of the Fatah elite, who he said “have become like princes.”

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Answer by GreasyTony
not true!

and you use a BLOG as your source?……PLEASE!

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17 Responses to “Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians?”
  1. george says:

    Because they’re Liberals. Duh.

  2. Sour Taco says:

    they are humans

    and they are the true children of Abraham…. not White Vikings from Russia

  3. Edna N says:

    Since when is Al Jazeera part of the left?

    And your crap blog link is weak.

  4. V says:

    What a load of bull. People are upset at the killings of hundreds and hundreds of civilians, who are trapped there. FYI blogs are opinions and not necessarily factual information.

  5. Paul Grass says:

    bimbos of a feather flock together, leftists hate freedom and are cowards who believe that allowing terrorists to terrorize is a God given right

  6. Jacques L says:

    why do american neo-cons support the zionist murder regime in israel even more than jews worldwide?

  7. Chub Chaser Tomas says:

    The Liberals have sympathy for the entire world, excluding America.

    They support the same group of people that were cheering on 9/11 and celebrate it every year.

    Go figure.

  8. otto2294 says:

    why do you keep asking this same question? show me one leftist who supports hamas. please just one

  9. Yo it's Me says:

    Israel is an allie of the U.S., so Hamas as an enemy of the Israel is by extension an allie of the Left (it is human nature to support people who don’t like your enemies and their allies).

  10. Sam T. says:

    They don’t.
    The people who supports Hamas are radical “anti-imperialists”, radical Muslims, and antisemites.

    Opposing war itself and supporting Hamas are two completely different things.

  11. cfrpop says:

    Because all the radical muslims and lefties are together in pushing their marxist agenda.

  12. zanada1 says:

    No, I don’t think that’s true. I don’t support Hamas. I think throw homemade rockets into Israel is wrong, but what’s wrong is to kill civilians. Why not attack the bad people in Hamas? They know where they are. So why not arrest them? Why kill 900 + civilians? Why? You are just as bad as Killer Bush.

  13. michael c says:

    Talk about a facile generalisation. Here’s some news for you – people in Israel itself are starting to voice concern about the number of civilian casualties – including 200 children. Of course, the majority of Israelis blithely and blindly support the actions of their right-wing government. Right wingers are easy to lead, you just pump them full of fear and paranoia and they’re yours to manipulate.

  14. Mycroft Holmes says:

    Why does Sean Penn love Hugo Chavez…because that’s what leftists do.

  15. NEO-CON IRISH says:

    Until a nation has embraced Islam, it is legally considered a battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb). Once it has converted to Islam (or all its citizens have been slaughtered or driven out), it then becomes a Land of Peace (Dar-us-Salaam). For those who think that the threat of Islam is only a phenomenon of the Middle East, think again! Although the Jewish State of Israel has been fighting a brave and fierce battle against Islam for over 50 years, there are many other “hot spots” in the world.

    For example, the supreme Taliban’s hard line leader in Afghanistan, Mullah Mohammed Omar, issued an edict that Buddhist statues insulted Islam. Apparently no one clued in Mullah Mohammed Omar that Islam is an insult to humanity! In any event, within days of his edict, all Buddhist statues, including a giant 5th century Buddha at Bamiyan carved out of sandstone (see photos), were destroyed as the “civilized” world could only stand by and watch it happen.

  16. paul b phd says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  17. . . says:

    Simple. Not all the “Palestinians” are leftists. All the leftists are leftists.

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