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Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians? Are they being used by the islamists?

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Question by Private Deek: Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians? Are they being used by the islamists?


It’s also notable that Al Jazeera’s reportage yesterday avoided interviewing ordinary Gazans. Arab sources in Gaza confided that the public anger is not directed at Israel any more than it is at Hamas. Al Jazeera, doing a superb job as PR agents for Iran’s proxies, likely wanted to avoid risking those types of reactions from the battlefield.

The source also said that Hamas is “doing very bad things” to Fatah activists in Gaza both as revenge against claims that Fatah leadership provided intelligence to Israel, and as a warning to Fatah to avoid the temptation of being convinced by Egypt, the US and the West that they reassert control in Gaza.

Fatah officials in the West Bank are also demoralized. Nasser Juma’a, a Palestinian Legislative Council Member from Nablus told a well known British reporter yesterday that the “Hamas are insects” and noted that the Palestinians would likely not see a Palestinian state in his lifetime.” Qadura Fares, a Fatah senior, said that the PA would not succeed either in the West Bank or Gaza without “tackling the privileges of the Fatah elite, who he said “have become like princes.”

Best answer:

Answer by Pete M
Just because we don’t support Israel doesn’t mean we instantly support Hammas numb-nuts.

I think both are a bunch of nobs.

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9 Responses to “Why do leftists support Hamas even more than the Palestinians? Are they being used by the islamists?”
  1. MA§ says:

    Fatah are corrupt politicians and cowards of their own right.

    It’s so ironic that Neocons are supporting a liberal party Kadima of Israel.

  2. Snerdly Hussein Snerdly says:

    Yes…Hamas is completely responsible for every death so far in this conflict. By being anti Israel, you are defacto Pro Hamas

  3. otto2294 says:

    actually i hate hamas just as much as israel. both are scumbag terrorists who deliberately target civilians. im glad hamas only has home made fireworks because the damage these extremists would do is unthinkable. if only israel only had homemade fireworks though

  4. Exile says:

    From what I understand there are two primary camps of “Palestinians”:
    We have those who want the return of their state and those who want to destroy Israel even if it means sacrificing their populace to do it.

  5. Mr. Bitter says:


    Akmed’s Phone Here. We don’t have any bars here at the preschool so we’re not going to get that message to move the rockets.

  6. aural marginalized says:

    because they don’t believe that people should sing at weddings, maybe?

    Look at this video:


  7. David says:

    Umm I don’t support Hammas. I don’t support Israel either. I just think they’re both ridiculous and terrorists.

  8. Shane says:

    The left in America support Hamas and other Muslim terrorists groups because they have the same goal; the destruction of Western Civilization. Jesse Jackson even led a protest chant at a college saying, “Hi, ho, Western Civilization must go.”

    the left believes that the white race is evil and must be stopped from dominating the world, hence, they support groups that kill white people. The left wing Western Civilization haters are taught this hatred and contempt at their elite colleges. It really is that simple.

  9. ducky says:

    1st – why do you even bother using a blog as a source ?

    2nd – the clear majority of Liberals support Israel.

    3rd – it is possible to support Israel and still be critical of how it deals with the Gaza Strip

    4th – among the liberals that don’t support Israel and do give their full support to the Palestinians many of those still loath Hamas and regret that the Palestinians elected Hamas.

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