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Where can I find a good proxy server list?

January 17, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Manuel: Where can I find a good proxy server list?

When I search the web for proxy servers I find a lot of sites but most of the proxy servers are already dead. Does anybody know a proxy server list that`s updated regularly?

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Answer by mick f
use search for questions here and all ur answers will be solved –use the yahoo services –this question is asked everyday –in case u didn’t notice look at the top in green

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11 Responses to “Where can I find a good proxy server list?”
  1. Mircea D says:

    Hello my friend! At my school, I use these fresh new proxies that let me enter on myspace, watch youtube videos, and play games like runescape. I really really recommend you to use them:

  2. Joey says:

    Bookmark the link below. It is a daily updated proxy list.

  3. Arif says:


    Here are some brand new proxy sites list which will solve your problem. They will hide your personal information & let you browse those pages you wanted. These are absolutely free too. These sites are Brand new free Proxy sites for Myspace, FaceBook , Youtube, Bebo Friendster & others.

  4. Gabri says:

    Well, you have many options.

    You can go to and see if you find the perfect web proxy for you. You also have here a proxy servers list.

    You can finally joi this Yahoo Group to receive daily new fresh working proxies.

    Hope this helps!

  5. shawnpm32 says:

    Go to They usually post new proxy servers every day & they will text new proxies to your cell too.

  6. HasJ says:

    Perhaps you should read this article before going forward with free proxy lists.

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