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Where can I find a good anon proxy to download?

September 15, 2011 by admin  
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Question by ratonjd: Where can I find a good anon proxy to download?

Right now I’m using JAP anon proxy but I would like to find a different one that is located in America.

I’m looking for a version to download and install on my computer, I’m not looking for those web proxys, thanks a lot.
Hello Valdis, thanks for the answer, could you please tell me about that software that reroute the traffic to a proxy, any hints? is it fast? thanks a lot.

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Answer by Valdis K
Umm.. downloading a proxy won’t do you any good, because when the proxy forwards the request, it’s still coming from your computer. Maybe what you want is software th re-route requests at a proxy elsewhere, which is a different kettle of fish….

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