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What proxy works on Vodafone mobile internet?

September 11, 2011 by admin  
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Question by symast: What proxy works on Vodafone mobile internet?

I am over 18 but quite often when I try and enter a url Vodafone blocks usage and says you must be over 18. I tried to disable this but it costs money to do so; therefore, i feel it would be easier to use a proxy server instead. Thanks!

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Answer by 21ennefuso
You can unblock websites (like myspace,facebook or bebo) with a proxy, here are a few :

Be sure to tell your friends or post them to your my space page or blog so others can enjoy.

If you want to receive daily new proxies you can join this Yahoo Group:

You Can find brand new proxies at the blog

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One Response to “What proxy works on Vodafone mobile internet?”
  1. Steven R says:

    those 2 are on separate physical servers so if one does not work try the other

    they work with myspace, youtube, and all the other sites you would want to visit

    they use a https address not http — this will make them much much harder to block

    if you find these helpful please vote this post up!

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