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What is the name of the author of the fantasy book Proxy?

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Question by Raelax Darkmoon: What is the name of the author of the fantasy book Proxy?

i`m trying to find out the name of the author that wrote the book Proxy it’s a SciFi book where human’s can take over robotic version’s of themselves.

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Answer by Flinx
Proxies by Laura J. Mixon

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2 Responses to “What is the name of the author of the fantasy book Proxy?”
  1. Silence says:

    Hope u’re doing well..
    am not sure if this will help you, i know about these book, but never read them.. but i know they’re Sci-Fiction and Fantasy.. here are the names of the books and the authors..

    Blood Proxy by Viola Grace
    Proxies by Laura J. Mixon
    Proxies of Fate by Matthew Moses (i guess this 1 talk about Aliens)

    Have a gr8 day..

  2. friendshiponfire555 says:

    ~ Laura J. Mixon

    Laura J. Mixon’s 21st century is a far cry from utopia; pollution and global warming have begun to ravage the planet and drive a cowering populace indoors. Gangs of violent, dispossessed children prowl city streets, fresh foods are hard to come by, and average temperatures reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit. But along with the bad side effects of technology come the good: scientist Carli D’Auber’s stunning advancement in communications allows people to send their consciousness across vast distances and interact at the other end through a remote device called a waldo. Most people are familiar with the small, trash-can-like waldos… but in a secret crèche, children are being raised to pilot humanoid versions called proxies, and they’re being instilled with a deadly serious ideology. Can Carli, hunted by a renegade proxy with incredible strength and a frighteningly simplistic agenda, stay alive long enough to figure out what’s going on? Part mystery, part human drama, and part a fantastic blend of cybertechnology, cloning, and telepresence, Proxies will keep you on your toes till the end.

    Hope that helps!

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