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What is the difference Between WEB PROXY and HTTP PROXY?

June 4, 2011 by admin  
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Question by akras: What is the difference Between WEB PROXY and HTTP PROXY?

I am trying to write a short paper on the difference between http proxy and web proxy, and suprisingly I can not find much information on the subject. I get the feeling that http proxy is only one kind of web proxy, but somebody told me that http proxy deals with applications and web proxy with web sites. In any case I am confused… What is the differenecne and what is each one used for? Please help.

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Answer by Leela
I believe they are absolutely identical. I’ve used web proxies a lot, whether it be microsoft proxy server, squid, tinyproxy, etc, and they all work on the HTTP protocol.

Some can do FTP too but technically thats not the “web” though, which is only HTTP.

The “web” tends to refer to “the world wide web” which is http based.

FTP, SMTP, POP3, and all other protocols are other types of application protocols (not web/http). A ‘socks’ proxy can proxy all kinds of TCP Socket connections not just HTTP, perhaps that is what they want you to compare it to. You may need to ask for confirmation if that is what they were wanting.

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4 Responses to “What is the difference Between WEB PROXY and HTTP PROXY?”
  1. Tmtigerr says:

    Um. They’re the same thing.
    Web based proxies ARE http proxies. Unless you mean https proxies, which are also the same thing, but it’s like sort of different, because https addresses use a certain type of encryption.
    Maybe you should choose a different subject to write your paper on.

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