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What is the difference between a normal server and proxy server.?

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Question by Abdul Hameed: What is the difference between a normal server and proxy server.?

Tell me best proxy server. Tell me also benefits of a proxy server.

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Answer by Tyler
Proxy can help you get around blockers.

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5 Responses to “What is the difference between a normal server and proxy server.?”
  1. Civic_Drifter says:


  2. Tiger says:

    too many to list but proxy servers obsure there ip address i think so that you can use them to access other sites which would otherwise be banned in certain places

  3. RedMistPete says:

    When you view a website from a normal server, you use your IP address (a unique identifying number, specific to your computer) which identifies your location. When you use a proxy server, your IP address is disguised or changed so that you effectively become anonymous and sometimes untraceable – this, in most cases is illegal (depending on your originating country’s laws of course) because you can bypass network and federal restrictions and securities and send anonymous emails etc.

    Good fun ;)

  4. Simply_Be_Patient says:

    It takes 1 sec to google this…

    Here’s 2 links though:


    Proxy Server

  5. Crash says:

    There’s no such thing as a normal server, servers are just computers, the difference is in the functions they serve.

    A proxy server is simply a server that receives requests from clients (most of the time we’re talking about HTTP proxies and web browsers are the clients), and then forwards them on to the destination (and acts as a proxy between the client and destination).

    There are many benefits to a proxy server, the least of which is the privacy benefit people above talked about. Most proxies have a caching feature, so that when someone views a web site, that page gets put in a cache on the proxy server and when someone else goes to get that page, the proxy server pulls from it’s cache instead of making the request to the real server (speeds up page load times). A proxy server can also filter web requests, by only allowing requests to certain websites or alternatively blocking requests to certain websites.

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