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What is the best Proxy website to watch CBS videos?

January 12, 2012 by admin  
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Question by : What is the best Proxy website to watch CBS videos?

I have been looking and looking but i can’t for the life of me find a proxy that has Adobe flash player 9. Does anyone know of one?

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Answer by Jkfdskh Ofkhjsdg
Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working random proxy

and it actually works! Im now surfing facebook and myspace at school without having the teachers bother me

give it a try

the best free proxy software to unblock ur faviourte sites and change ur IP
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2 Responses to “What is the best Proxy website to watch CBS videos?”
  1. El says:

    I watch US videos from the networks and Hulu using my Personal VPN, from outside the US. It works perfectly.

  2. D says:

    You can try one of the links below. They’re pretty new so they should work in most places, they work with facebook, myspace and youtube and have no download limits.

    You can also bookmark That site puts up 5 new, original (never seen before on any other website to garauntee they haven’t been blocked yet) and fresh proxies every week. That’s 1 new proxy for every school day of the week!!! It also has anonymous email addresses to keep you even safer and more more hidden on the net.

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