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What is a really good proxy that i can use to get onto facebook?

December 15, 2010 by admin  
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Question by be_an_individuality: What is a really good proxy that i can use to get onto facebook?

I want to use it at home because for some reason facebook is blocked. Any good proxies?? Also one for school would be nice because i go to boarding school, so i don’t ever get any chances to go on!!

Just so you know i am a straight A student and wouldn’t abuse a proxy, so please share any really good ones that you might know with me!!

One with a username and password would be good cos i used one of those before.

Best answer:

Answer by Proxyguy

u can use this to access facebook from school

don’t forget to tell your friends..

happy surfing!!

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23 Responses to “What is a really good proxy that i can use to get onto facebook?”
  1. ryan w says:

    I managed to get ahold of these sites. They unblock any website at my college and also work.

  2. proxy guy says:

    u can use this to access myspace from school

    don’t forget to tell your friends..

    happy surfing!!

  3. anoop n says:

    Currently i use also try from proxies.They have both CGI and PHP proxies in them.
    Very Reputable,SSL enabled, does provide new domains by just sending a mail to

    I have used many proxy sites over the years be it PHP CGI glype watever,
    Nowadays none seem to bypass the ever strong filters{ websense, K9 , bess},
    some things one should observe when looking for a proxy site:

    -Shouldn’t be a .info { filters by default block them coz most are proxy sites}
    -Shouldnt contain the words proxy or others like myspace,orkut,bebo in it. { they keyword filter those}
    -On the safe side should be a SSL encrypted ones {https sites filter find them difficult to scan}
    -Should be a reputable provider and provide fresh domains update {So that proxy owners dont steal our information,
    face the fact domains will get blocked eventually, so its necessary to provide new ones.}
    -I would recommend CGI proxy , even if they are time consuming they give the desired results.

    Happy Browsing , Hope I was of some help

  4. Joe J says:

    you will need brand new proxy sites every day becuase there just going to get blocked this site i use only lists brand new proxy sites every day

  5. Ben G says:

    I get through my schools filters by using an intrnet translator. Google “google translator”. That will get you through the filters.

  6. Viper says:

    Go ahead – use a proxy – then your myspace etc account will be hacked, so you can whine on here that your myspace etc account has been hacked instead.

    If you do use a proxy like a lot of people post with these questions, the proxies normally contain viruses and can track what you write – so they track your passwords!

    Most school computer techs block proxies when they find a new one anyway.

    Even if you got to a blocked website, the computer admin will figure out you did and you will be in more trouble than it’s worth. Almost certainly loosing your computer access rights. (They track your IP and know you logged into that site).

    School computer admin are not a bunch of idiots. School and University computer admin take security seriously. It’s a main part of their job. I’m in that field, I know.

    It’s not worth it. Accept the school computer rules and use a computer at your home or public library instead.

  7. shadyproxy says:

    Tried my web proxies yet? I coded them myself – let me know whether it works well for you. There’s a mail icon on the top-right corner of the site if you discover any issue and want to let me know about it. I usually fix them as soon as I can.

    By the way, regarding the post above mine, for the large part of it, do not take his word for it. He’s been spamming the same, identical reply to almost all the questions about proxies here. And who says there are no idiotic IT admins out there? I’m a programmer myself, and I’ve worked with some of them who use “password” as the default password for all students’ Windows account. Wow, I guess “password” is a hard-to-guess password these days, ain’t it?

  8. Xors says:

    Proxy websites are continuously becoming blocked by school network filters and firewalls. You will always need a new proxy in order to view the websites you want.

    If you want to get new and up to date proxies everyday, then you should join a Yahoo group. I tried out a few, but this one has worked the best for me.

    This group gives the member new proxies daily. It is strictly moderated, so you will not be harassed by spam emails. I personally found that they always have great proxies. I hope you join and find the same results as I did.

  9. Yellow says:

    The best proxy site that no school has blocked yet is

    I always use this proxy site to unblock myspace and games at school.

    Hope that helps. :)

  10. SFM says: is a good proxy. It’s easy to use.

  11. jaguarxjs9 says: – Click on the “Facebook” logo and it’ll open a proxified page for you.

  12. says:

    Here you go, try these:

    If these sites are being blocked, I’d highly recommend this great new Yahoo group to locate the very freshest FREE proxy sites. Here’s the link for you:

    Add and share information on proxies and new proxy sites daily.

  13. Proxycious P says:

    Use a FRESH NEW proxy – Here are a few. You can unblock most sites, including myspace/Facebook/YouTube/Bebo with a web proxy:

    Myspace/Facebook/YouTube/Bebo Compatible – All these proxies allow you to comment, reply, view all pages of pictures, send messages etc…

    If the proxies you were using stop working, its just because the admins blocked them.
    To get around this you simply need a brand new proxy. To get all the latest proxies submit to the newsletter in the above sites.

    Be sure to share these proxies with your friends, they will think you’re the BEST.

  14. Facepeer says:

    you can use a simple proxy site to access facebook. Don’t use famous proxy sites. Because Network administrators can block any famous proxy URL.
    for an example i tested this simple site to visit facbook in the school.
    One of good proxy for facebook

  15. shawnpm32 says:

    Go to They usually post new proxy servers every day & they will text new proxies to your cell too.

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