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What is a proxy and how it is used in the internet?

November 3, 2010 by admin  
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Question by Ramprakash: What is a proxy and how it is used in the internet?

Can anybody tell me something about proxy. I heard that, using proxy we can mask our original IP address. But i dont know a deep about it.

Also is it legal to use proxy?

Best answer:

Answer by Tornis
A proxy is like a delivery boy.

You tell the ‘delivery boy’ that you want to see Google.
He goes and sees it, and then brings back the information to you.
However, the advantage is, Google doesn’t know WHO wanted to see it. They only know a delivery boy came and got their website information. So, you remain private.

They are slightly slower, but they are legal, AS LONG AS you’re not using them to hide the fact you’re breaking a law – for example, using a proxy to hide your information when you try to hack.

I find a good one, when I want privacy, is or

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8 Responses to “What is a proxy and how it is used in the internet?”
  1. Metroguy says:

    A proxy server has NAT installed and acts as a web server. A network admin can put all his/her computers in a pseudo network with private IP addresses however; to get to the Internet there has to be a real IP address. The proxy server gets a real IP gateway address from NAT so the computers can get through the exterior/border router to the Internet.

  2. vhcmwashere says:

    good one not for myspace though

  3. Mister Gilbert says:

    A proxy like sits in your web browser and allows you to read your email when the sites blocked. I like to use that site a lot cause its keeps me anonymous.

    There is nothing illegal about using a proxy either. All they do is let you get to the blocked website. Its only illegal when using a proxy to access an illegal site that is blocked for a reason like warez sites. Most uses of proxies are just to read email when its blocked for other reasons.

    Hope this helps

  4. princess says:

    a proxy is when you can go into stuff that is blocked in school and stuff.

  5. Nicasald S says:

    A proxy server masks your ip address and it is completly legal. It is used to get around IP bans and get into websites that have certain zone restrictions. The one my school uses is

  6. Natalya Shirinova says:

    Yes it’s legal to use proxy

    How it works is .. You just need to enter the url and click browse..

    Try it

  7. Shawn says:

    You seriously need to read this before using a proxy.

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