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What is a proxy and how can I download one?

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Question by Cool Girl: What is a proxy and how can I download one?

Can someone please tell me what is a proxy and how I can download one. I would like to be able to view the Disney US site, here in Australia. Thankyou.

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Answer by ishneaky
- Proxies sites serves as a portal for you to view your favorite websites that are somehow restricted to your area.

- To be able to access sites that you want to visit, you must use fast and new proxy sites… here are some of the fastest and newest.

goodluck icon smile What is a proxy and how can I download one?

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6 Responses to “What is a proxy and how can I download one?”
  1. jerriel says:

    you dont need to download them.

    They are just sites that hide your ip. Just search proxy on google and choose from the list of proxy sites.

  2. mark h says:

    This proxy site will allow you to do that

  3. ches_rockwell says:

    A proxy is another website that you can actually surf the web securely and undetected. The Url gives the impression that you are on one site, but actually on another. This is the reason why its important to find a proxy with a unique name such as, Your school or work may think that you are on a puzzle website, but actually you are surfing many sites in Here are more proxy sites.

  4. jimman86 says:

    Use a BRANDE NEW proxy – Here are a few. You can unblock most sites, including myspace with a web proxy:

    Myspace Compatible – All these proxies allow you to comment, reply, view all pages of pictures, send messages etc…

    If the proxies you were using stop working, its just because the admins blocked them. To get around this you simply need a brand new proxy. To get all the latest proxies go here:

    Be sure to share these proxies with your friends, they will think you’re the greatest. ?


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