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What is a good proxy to use that hasn’t already been blocked?

December 4, 2012 by admin  
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Question by ButterflyKisses: What is a good proxy to use that hasn’t already been blocked?

I am looking for proxies that i can use to get on myspace and other stuff at school, that haven’t already beeen blocked.

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Answer by Dominic R

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11 Responses to “What is a good proxy to use that hasn’t already been blocked?”
  1. blood_fire_ice says:

    Not a security question so NO

  2. Lucas K says:

    for gods sake,you people and myspace or so addicted cant you wait till you get home?

  3. says:

    Easily Unblock All WebSite , JusT enter your Url And press Go,

    here it is a few easily proxy WebSites You can Use ::

    Be Sure to tell your friends or post them to your myspace page or blog so others can enjoy.

    Happy Surfing!

  4. HasJ says:

    Your school filter can detect a proxy as soon as you try it and either block it on the fly or notify an admin to block it manually. The bottom line is that all proxy’s will eventually get blocked. As the filtering software gets more advanced they will get blocked faster and faster.

    There is also the question of the rules and laws you are breaking by trying to hack your school security system.

    Finally even if you got a proxy to work for a short time you are inviting the proxy owner, many of whom are using the proxy for hacking purposes, to infect and or hijack your school network. Read more on the dangers of proxy’s below.

  5. Mike D says:

    Here’s a free proxy created today:

    -Unblock ANY Website
    -watch youtube videos
    -download up to 100 MB
    -hide you IP and stay anonymous
    -Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

    I get new proxies here everyday:

    Email me if it’s not working and i’ll email you a proxy that I haven’t advertised yet

  6. Nick Stan says:

    Filtering software nowadays is getting more advance and they are blocking proxy as fast a new proxy is being put online.

    Though you can try out site that has list of proxy but even those site will be block most of the time :)

    Well if you still want to try you can use the following site:

  7. Trae C says:

    try to download this program called ultrasurf. its a proxy program. not those myspace proxies and whatnot. if you cant download it at just email me and ill give it to you

  8. Roc18 says:

    Check this blog I found, the guy posts updated proxies every day

  9. deema d says:

    try this one
    No banners
    No popups
    quite fast

  10. james_0320150 says:


    These proxies are brand new proxy and will work!

    You can unblock websites/ use a different IP with a proxy, use this
    proxy, Super speed, Myspace, bebo, facebook, youtube! ALL WEBSITES:


    Be sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace page or blog
    so others can enjoy.

    Happy Surfing!

  11. Goyb says:


    I always use . It’s always fast and works like a charm. It’s one of the few that hasn’t been blocked yet.

    Good luck

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