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What is a good proxy that you can get to when on Websense?

October 26, 2011 by admin  
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Question by James: What is a good proxy that you can get to when on Websense?

What is a good proxy to get past websense and can load java applications? I’ve tried looking them up on google but none arent blocked.
it needs to be a proxy server.

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Answer by Joey
The website below has a proxy list that posts new ones everyday. You can try them out.

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15 Responses to “What is a good proxy that you can get to when on Websense?”
  1. Proxyguy says:

    java or javascript?
    in case of javascript..

    remember it as ‘This Server Rocks’

    remember it as ‘Let Me Access It .info’

  2. ryan w says:

    I got ahold of this one today

    I get a brand new proxy each day to my email from this group.

  3. Psycho. says:

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  4. Nathan b says:

    you can try
    this is new and very fast proxy

  5. james_0320150 says:


    This proxy is a brand new proxy and #will# work!


    Don’t forget to tell your friends!


  6. nccgs says:

    Try my brand new proxy website.

  7. shawnpm32 says:

    Go to They usually post new proxy servers every day & they will text new proxies to your cell too.

  8. Dan L says:

    Hey, is a great website unblocker which allows you unrestricted surfing which means you can go any on website you want.

    You may also want to join the yahoo proxy group by joining this group you will get 10 new proxies sent to your inbox each day.

    Don’t forget to tell your mates :)

  9. medosabry says:

    you can try this site

  10. Mike D says:

    -Unblock ANY Website
    -watch youtube videos
    -download up to 100 MB
    -hide you IP and stay anonymous
    -Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

    Email me if it’s not working and i’ll email you a proxy that I haven’t
    advertised yet :)

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