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What is a good proxy server to use against fortigaurd?

December 19, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Kla: What is a good proxy server to use against fortigaurd?

my school goes through a web blocker that’s powered by forigaurd. I need a way to break past it but most proxy sites i know are automatically blocked because the filter knows im trying to break through. I need to get to these sites to finish school work though because i dont have a computer at home. Any suggestions as to where i should go? i was thinking the wuggles proxy server but i cant remember the URL

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Answer by Nan
The web filters and content blockers have become virtually unbeatable. Proxies and such don’t work anymore. Fortiguard is one of the best of it’s class.

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One Response to “What is a good proxy server to use against fortigaurd?”
  1. ds says:

    Facebook, Myspace and other Proxy address that changes daily.

    Today’s address (3/26) is: port 80

    Get the daily free proxy address here:

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