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What can the router see if I’m behind it using a proxy?

April 11, 2012 by admin  
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Question by ll0renz: What can the router see if I’m behind it using a proxy?

If I’m on my desktop or laptop and I use Firefox’s settings to setup a proxy for all my traffic to go through. What can the router see going through it. I know all it would see would be traffic to and from the proxy, but can the router open the traffic and see what is being requested through the proxy. Or am I completely anonymous? Do any proxies support encryption that would let me connect securely?

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Answer by colanth
If you set up a proxy behind the router, all you’re doing is masking your internal IP. If the proxy logs, you’re doing nothing but slowing your connection.

If the proxy is outside the router, you’re connecting to the router. It doesn’t matter what you connect to after that.

IOW, a proxy makes no difference to the router. It makes a difference to a firewall that’s blocking by referrer address only. It the firewall blocks by initiator address, a proxy makes no difference. If the firewall blocks by content (and, considering current prices, that’s where everyone is going), proxies are totally transparent to the firewall – a myspace page looks like a myspace page, regardless of the address header on the packet.

Besides, your provider always knows everything you connect to.

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