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What are some new proxy sites that schools dont know about?

March 2, 2011 by admin  
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Question by lori: What are some new proxy sites that schools dont know about?

I want to get on facebook but I cant find any proxy sites for school cause they have blocked them all… Anyone know any good sites that schools might not know about?






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Answer by killab
Well if you’re entire goal is to bypass filters put in by the school, then you can use a live cd. The software is installed is per PC.
Basically a live cd allows you to run in the ram and DVD drive only. Not only that but if you learn about sslstrip, nmap, aircrack-ng, and all the other ranges of kick ass tools that are on the backtrack 4 distributions (which are free) here is a link to the latest release of backtrack 4 R1:


Also you can go download activeiso for free so once the .ISO image that you are downloading (with the above link) finishes you can just burn it quick and easy. You can get activeiso here:


If you down want to have to do anything advanced or don’t plan on doing some bada$$ stuff then go here and get Ubuntu:


Once you have downloaded it burn it with activeiso and a blank DVD.

In any case best of luck to you!

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