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Using a Paid Anonymous Proxy – Your Privacy is at Stake

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anonymousproxy2 Using a Paid Anonymous Proxy   Your Privacy is at StakeWhen you use an anonymous proxy, you are using a program for the computer that will enable a third party server to take care of all the exchanges of data between you and other servers. This makes it possible to keep your identity hidden when you are visiting websites, checking webmail, or talking with others in chat rooms. The proxy will handle all transactions so that you never have to directly contact the websites you visit. The reason proxies such as this are considered anonymous is because they keep others from finding out identifying characteristics such as geographic location and your IP address.

Benefits Of Using A Paid Anonymous Proxy-

Many websites will collect information, such as your IP address, when you visit them. If you do so directly rather than using a proxy, then a hacker could use this numerical value that your PC has been assigned in order to try to take advantage of any security weaknesses that your computer might have. Proxies are also useful in keeping your computer from getting infected with spyware and adware or other malicious scripts, and they will help you to avoid pop-ups and cookies as well.

* You are able to browse faster
* Increased privacy
* The ability to get around network restrictions

As mentioned above, an anonymous proxy can help you get by any restrictions that might be on your network. This means that if your network at your job does not allow you to visit certain websites, you could use a proxy and be able to still visit the website you want to.

You can also use a proxy in order to visit a website that doesn’t usually allow people from your country to visit. The website you are visiting won’t be able to tell where you are really located, so you can get access to the site. However, doing either of these things might be considered illegal, so think carefully before you use a proxy in this manner. There is some risk involved if you are ever discovered to be using a proxy in order to do this.

Using an anonymous proxy makes it so that nobody will know which sites you have visited, or how often. The websites won’t be able to access your country of origin, your browser type of your IP address. If you don’t like being tracked for any reason, then using a paid anonymous proxy is the way to go.

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