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Unblock VEVO

March 7, 2013 by admin  
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1 – Use the Mozilla Firefox web browser (or any other Mozilla based browser) 2 – Go to 3 – Select. Country: USA , All Ports, Protocol Type: (all) , Anonymity Level: High + KA, PlanetLab / Codeen: include 4 – Click on UPDATE RESULTS. 5 – Select an IP address and copy it, and memorize the Port number next to it. NB: IF THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH THE IP YOU SELECTED, TRY WITH ANOTHER IP. 6 – Go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Network, Settings. 7 – Select “Manual Proxy Configuration” and “Use this proxy server for all protocols”. 8 – Paste what you copied in the blank case of HTTP Proxy, and type the port in the next case. 9 – Hit the two “OK” and start browsing youtube !! You can now watch all VEVO videos HINT! : There are some videos available for UK only. In Step 3, select UK instead of USA !! Sample (the one I used): HTTP proxy: port: 3128

for proxy htt for cracking need this download link here: enjoy more awaiting video so keep in touch with my video icon smile Unblock VEVO ty to all vist me in this is where you cant find all the free software

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12 Responses to “Unblock VEVO”
  1. cya70 says:

    Thank you, this is great since proxtube doesnt work anymore? :)

  2. €???€? ????? ???? says:

    i cant? log in there

  3. vlachy says:

    Nothing loads, or I get this message: You are trying to use a? node of the CoDeeN CDN Network. You have generated a malformed request, which cannot be satisfied. — could you send me some quick and reliable proxy ? :) Tnx

  4. Jonny Burger says:

    there is a way more easier solution
    unblockyoutube .? tk
    you don’t need a proxy just type in the song

  5. TheChocolatzz says:

    I love your comment on that video.?

  6. dreamon3389 says:

    i dont understand how to do the? google chrome one :/

  7. LiciaIzNinja says:

    they want us to identify? ourselves as human but i dont see the capcha image]:

  8. Peter Khayat says:

    for google chrome users, simply download the “Proxy Switchy!” extension.

    step 6: click on the “switchy proxy!” icon in the web browser? then on options, a new window will appear
    step 7 and on: continue the same way

    STEP 10: click on the “switchy proxy!” icon in the web browser then select the proxy profile

    restart chrome if the proxy configuration did not take effect :)

  9. kanarami says:

    can you do it on google chrome please….<3?

  10. Peter Khayat says:

    @nathanjshilton i am? using windows 7, it’s the same with vista and XP
    I am using firefox 3.5.something

  11. nathanjshilton says:

    how do you do it for windows vista??

  12. dlock47 says:


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