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Tut: How to be anonymous online – ProXPN

April 7, 2012 by admin  
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www.proxpn.com this a tutorial on how to hide what your doing online so that know one knows what your up too and such. i tried to make it as simple as possible but if you still need help dont be afraid to ask

Tutoriel Comment surfer anonymement sur le web ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy: www.commentcamarche.net

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25 Responses to “Tut: How to be anonymous online – ProXPN”
  1. ThePf7 says:

    Good question…? You can search and try: peerblock and ipblock list.
    I’m using with utorrent ;) It doesn’t hide your ip…It lets you control who your computer “talks to” on the Internet.

  2. JordansShrimp says:

    ok sweet glad you got it working =D?

  3. RustyCanadien says:

    no a fixe? it the problem was that my account was fail created

  4. JordansShrimp says:

    hmmm that’s odd the only think i can think of would be? to pay for it and try a different server but idk try to google your problem :P

  5. RustyCanadien says:

    when a connect it automaticly disconect …? help

  6. JordansShrimp says:

    im? too lazy

  7. glampkoo says:

    you should hide your voice?

  8. JordansShrimp says:

    @grkchick The free version does work for everything accessing the Internet do yes torrents too? but you will be limited to (I think ) 300kb/s

  9. grkchick says:

    do you know if the free version works for torrents as well – does it hide your ip address when using utorrent? or is it strictly web browsing? thanks in? advance!

  10. JordansShrimp says:

    @PeaParadox i haven’t had slow issues bu8t mind you im? paying for it =D

  11. JuliusOliver1 says:


  12. JordansShrimp says:

    pay for it on the site?

  13. masterdavid321 says:

    how did u get the? premium?

  14. JordansShrimp says:

    lol? thanks

  15. Stewie08099 says:

    Your fucking awesome.?

  16. JordansShrimp says:

    yea but? its worth it

  17. mongikyou25 says:

    u need to be premium to do the? selected country thing :(

  18. JordansShrimp says:

    Tor? im pretty sure only does web browsing and its thought that the fbi are waching the Tor nodes

  19. Nickizdaboss says:

    So this is basicly Tor??

  20. JordansShrimp says:

    yea? no problem

  21. dylanm36 says:


  22. ReyCluBiSte says:

    Très bon tuto merci à? toi, J’utiliserais cette technique

  23. Wyzer144 says:

    Bonne vidéo ! Je m’abonne . Par contre ,un peu plus de précisions sur le fonctionnement du programme serait pas mal , enfin je veux dire comment le programme? nous rends anonyme et pas juste comment l’utiliser x)

  24. Skyfr0Skyguigui says:

    Trop fort ton? nouveau pseudo !

  25. G33kOfGame says:

    Très bon tutoriel meme si je connaissais la technique je l’ai comme meme regarder !
    Continue comme ca ;) !?

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