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TOR VPN Proxy setup howto – hide/change your IP address!

February 9, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Videos This video shows you the fastest way to create a VPN account and change your IP address – and even access Facebook when it’s blocked! TorVPN is a free proxy server that gives you VPN and SSH access. Not only is it easy to set up and use, it is also very fast and stable. There is no time or speed limit. You can be logged on all day and do everything as you normally would, while hiding your real IP address from other computers on the internet. Your connection is encrypted, so your ISP can’t see what you’re doing. Use it to bypass content filters, avoid peer-to-peer throttling, censorship and to protect your anonymity in general. Here is a tutorial on how to do the same under Windows 7:


10 Responses to “TOR VPN Proxy setup howto – hide/change your IP address!”
  1. aryssouthside says:

    It’s? legit!!!!

  2. torvpn says:

    @Deatonis You can choose at any time from using a very fast and stable IP, or enable the transparent TOR proxy and use random IP’s almost anywhere in the world (no guarantee on? speed for those). All it takes is clicking a checkbox on the website, and the settings are applied in a minute. The cheapest option is 3 EUR / month, but you can try it for free to see how it works in practice.

  3. Deatonis says:

    I need a vpn where I would be able to change my ip as needed for many? different ips, is that possible and how much would that be.

  4. lpa3yonk says:

    thank thank? you

  5. torvpn says:

    @Bozso46 You can enable the transparent TOR tunnel in your VPN account settings, then you will get a random (TOR exit node) IP every ~10 minutes or so. Paying customers get a different IP to? use, not the address.

  6. Bozso46 says:

    can i change my torvpn ip? If yes,? how?

  7. torvpn says:

    To watch the? same video with voiceovers, see /watch?v=9jzZ0-dGLa8

  8. torvpn says:

    @elfrankor6 Absolutely! The only difference is that under Windows 7 you go to Control Panel? -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Set Up a Connection or Network. More videos are coming soon. You can use PPTP on Windows XP, Windows 7, and the iPhone. The recommended usage for Windows in general, Linux and the Android however is OpenVPN which is a popular open source VPN software. More tutorials on that to come as well.

  9. elfrankor6 says:

    Will this work on windows 7?

  10. torvpn says:

    TorVPN can do a LOT more than what is shown in this video. You can use it on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, Android and almost anything else where OpenVPN or PPTP is supported. Even without administrator privileges you can still connect to the SSH server and create a secure encrypted SOCKS proxy. It’s the perfect solution? for people who want a stable and fast VPN service that works not just on a public Wifi connection, but from deep inside a corporate network as well.

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