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Top Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

October 18, 2010 by admin  
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proxyserver5 Top Benefits of Using a Proxy ServerProxy servers enable a system to connect to the internet, without revealing the system’s true IP Address to the destination site to which it is connected. It assigns a temporary address for all data that passes to the system during the process of internet access so that the true identity of the person accessing the site is not revealed. When you browse the internet, there are many cookies, scripts and other programs that are used to track your IP address. Using a proxy server hides such elements from people who might otherwise have access to it.

In addition to this role, there are many other functions that a server can perform. Here is a look at what they are:

• It cuts down the time needed to access server resources by using cache memory to carry out such requests.
• It can help to protect the system from accessing unauthorized sites.
• It can be used to filter malware before delivering requested resources to the destination.

One of the best reasons for using a proxy server is that it can help you access anonymous sites that perhaps have viruses or malware in it, without getting any trouble from the site, but still being able to access the content in it. It also prevents hackers from gaining access to information stored in your system. When you browse the internet through a server, hackers cannot access your IP address, so they cannot get the information stored in your hard disk or cache.

It is vital to make use of a reliable server because you do not want your system integrity to be compromised. It should also be noted that not all sites accept proxy addresses. This can restrict site access and becomes a big constraint when you browse the internet.

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