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Tibia Bot Ternative(Free, unlike Tibia NG, Elfbot, etc…)

December 4, 2011 by admin  
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default Tibia Bot Ternative(Free, unlike Tibia NG, Elfbot, etc...)

This is a new alternative bot I have been working on for months. If you would like to join the test crew or are interested in joining the project, let me know. You must have decent VB experience and know how to use the TibiaAPI. – Download – MAKE SURE YOU READ THE README. Tibia Ternative has pretty much every basic feature BlackD, NG, or ElfBot has. Heres some features that stand out. Features that Standout: – Cavebot – LUA scripting libary for creating your own scripts/events. – Automated lootbag maker – Lootbag finder(It scans the screen ever 2 seconds for containers that weigh over a certain cap and informs you the position of it. This can also be set to an alert.) – WP Randomizer(Randomizes the path from waypoint to waypoint, avoiding repetitive movements) – Custom Proxy(Unlike BlackD’s proxy, this haults all user input, making it to where when the bot sends a packet, lets say “PressDownKey(A)” its exactly the same as you pressing the A key. This makes you extremely undetectable. -And more!

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This is the new, updated, premium authorization code generator. Current Version — 1.4 Release Date — December 8/2010 Instructions: – Download and save the .rar file which you can find in the below mirrors. – Extract the .rar file to a easy-to-access location within your computer (usually desktop) – Run “Rsbot.Net Auth Code Gen v1.4.exe” and click the “Proxy” tab Note: Using a proxy will improve your chances of generating a successful auth code at above 85%. If you do not use a proxy, your chances of generating a successful auth code are between 40-60%. – Click Generate auth code, you will have to highlight the black box to get your code then simply add it to your rsbot for complete authorization – And finally, happy botting icon smile Tibia Bot Ternative(Free, unlike Tibia NG, Elfbot, etc...) Next update: v1.5 is set to release on December 12/2010! ***DOWNLOAD*** MIRROR #1: MIRROR#2: MIRROR#3:


3 Responses to “Tibia Bot Ternative(Free, unlike Tibia NG, Elfbot, etc…)”
  1. harrisbomber2 says:


  2. Breninho10 says:

    What about the waypoins? It uses your own files or can I use the other bot’s waypoint files ?

  3. mayoressurected says:

    damn, i thought this was gonna be another stupid keylogger prog, this is actualy pretty sick, how do i contact you for joining the test crew?



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