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The Mobile Classroom Episode 26: Anonymous Surfing

April 1, 2012 by admin  
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Computers are very good at tracking and storing our personal information while we’re browsing around the web. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques that help you hide your browsing history, source computer location, and other personal details. In this episode, you’ll learn how to hide your browser sessions, redirect your browser sessions to another country, and encrypt your personal data as it traverses the Internet.

default The Mobile Classroom Episode 26: Anonymous Surfing

Our Website: Our Twitter Our Facebook: IRC: Greetings, people of the world. We are Anonymous. As many of you are aware, over the past several days, significant demonstrations have been held in protest of the corrupt financial system that favors the richest 1% of our nation; while the remaining 99% have to deal with things such as abuse of our civil rights, overseas outsourcing of our jobs, and living off minimum wage while gas hovers around .50 a gallon. The minimal attention given to these demonstrations has caused growing concern, with rumors of media blackouts and repealed news coverage becoming increasingly harder to deny. We would like to thank those in our national media that chose to cover the truth about the events of the wall street occupation. Your contribution to society will not go unrecognized. Unfortunately, this coverage has not been sufficient, we must now take efforts to spread the truth into our own hands. It is now up to us, the people of this great nation, to act for ourselves. We must share the truth through our social networks, by texting, instant/private messaging, posting, and blogging to our friends and relatives. We must take to the streets and speak of the truth in our coffee shops and mall outlets. Our voices will be heard. Bloggers, dedicate your blogs to Occupy Wall Street, Website owners, Write an article about Occupy Wall Street, People in urban areas, Pass out and post up flyers about

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7 Responses to “The Mobile Classroom Episode 26: Anonymous Surfing”
  1. EditorAmy says:

    Thanks for this video. I’ve hardly? used anonymous browsing options, but this was really helpful to my article research and I even linked back to it in an article on
    Thanks again,

  2. gubiithefish says:

    This is the times I wish? that I lived in the US to join the protest..

  3. TheDutchDatabase says:

    People of Annoyingmous are so stupid. They have nothing to do with occupy Wall street. The people? of occupy Wall street don’t wear no mask and speak out with the one voice. You guys from Annoyingmous now wane hijack. Well fuck you Annoyingmous

  4. TheJS49 says:

    Will do? with gusto…

  5. inDpendant says:


  6. enlightened1ish says:

    Thank you? and your message is inspiring.

  7. CECOAdvocate says:


    The numbers of protesters will increase over the next few days. Unemployment numbers will come out on 10/1/11 and? the truth will be exposed. The Gov. is finished trying to deceive us with misleading statistics and admit the economy’s unrest.


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