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the Cloak – anonymous browsing web service

November 17, 2010 by admin  
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the Cloak is a free anonymous browsing web service. Click on the link below to read in detail

BONZI Software has become increasingly aggressive in their tactics of monitoring the abode. As our research continues, after discovering these hidden cameras, we are using the YouTube service as a “storage ground” for the videos. The anonymity of the service is gratifying, despite the logging of the ip, which can be easily subverted by the utilization of an anonymous proxy, which destroys records on a regular basis. We will continue to unravel this sick companies plot in the days that follow.

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23 Responses to “the Cloak – anonymous browsing web service”
  1. utubefavorsdems says:

    Thanks for this!

  2. HotSauce12 says:


  3. ShortRoundMcFly72 says:

    groan man here again folks

  4. vendtronics says:

    holy crap i dont wan see dead people on youtube jesus guyd

  5. brendlewhat says:

    he died

  6. Ditch2012 says:

    He’s alive, he takes one more breath at 9:57.

  7. ambulancecore says:


  8. sk8kid359 says:


  9. thecodeisred says:

    for real i watched all 10 minutes straight of this without looking away from my computer or doing anything else. hes dead.

  10. joecarter1991 says:

    rofl at everyone who thinks he’s dead.
    he’s breathing till the very end.

  11. weirdguynick says:

    He didn’t die.

  12. SudoJim says:

    uuuaaaaaah unnnnnn

  13. jherrycurl says:

    the man is dead

  14. allofthetrash says:


  15. wheatsquid says:

    old man dies at 8:23

  16. halfcastfrompast says:

    old people are friggin weird

  17. cannibalcomfort says:

    eeeeeh ah ah eeeeh aaah ah eh aaaaaaaaa eeeh

  18. tonality says:

    keep up the good work

  19. placeboing says:

    great video

  20. magichatdetective says:

    he died

  21. Bleeep says:

    aaaaaa a a a ah ah ah aaaaa aaaaaaaaaa

  22. ShadowUchiha0 says:

    nope, but it is funny as hell

  23. medders30 says:

    So what exactly is happening here? Are these your own videos from someone you know like your own family or are they logged and stolen recordings from people who use Bonzi software?.. because I don’t really understand what’s going on – reply if you can.

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