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Synergy Mac to Window Configuring Mac as Server! Easy!

June 13, 2012 by admin  
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Today I am going to show you how to connect your Macs Keyboard and Mouse to a PC using Synergy and SynergyKM! 1. You will need to know the Name of the Mac and PC. IN my case my macs Name is “Patricks-MacBook” and the PC is “Patrick-PC” 2. Download the Software. Mac Software: Linux Software: Windows Software: If you have problems disable windows firewall and try again… then feel free to ask questions/

Video Rating: 4 / 5

aca les dejo las mas nuevas opciones para quitar la limitacion de megavideo esta actualizado mayo del 2010 aca les dejo lo que nesesitan download helper vlc media ya los que no pueden entrar a la pagina les dejo el link home y si quieren saber que velocidad de internet tienen aca esta esta pagina se nesesita tener una velocidad mayor a 1000 kbps si no es asi bajaran las peliculas incompletas se nesesita tener un interne mayor a 1.5 mb para bajar las peliculas antes de los 72 minutos

Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to “Synergy Mac to Window Configuring Mac as Server! Easy!”
  1. atomickplaygrounds says:

    that was quite helpful!!


  2. JesusFishAndFriends says:


  3. accordfan2002 says:

    Does this work for the? linux/mac combo?

  4. h3kt0rshr3d says:

    The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected, damn i checked everything and its fine,? also, i turned of windows firewall and i still cant get it done.

  5. nbensa says:

    are? you using hostnames or ip-addresses?

  6. nbensa says:

    check your firewalls?

  7. GaelenCarter says:

    I dont understand how you actually? install this software… Anyone able to help?

  8. evanpingu says:

    your logging level? is ‘note’, not ‘none’

  9. sldkiulghisuhmoiulh says:


  10. MrSmitty909 says:

    this has got to be the most handy thing i have ever encountered. connected my imac with windows xp very easily. took about 5? mins total. great video!

  11. ZOMGHAXPLX says:

    Thanks this really helped. Typing this on my? Macbook Pro but onto my PC screen!

  12. ICHAS3I says:

    I’m having the same problem, its so maddening that it works If I share my macs keyboard and mouse, but in the next few seconds it can’t find my PC! Did you ever find a solution??

  13. Queburt says:

    hey man thanks? for this … you confirmed a couple things for me and now it works perfectly.

  14. Yakalfer says:

    SynergyKM is on my iMac as server and a PC with 2 screens, one on each side of the iMac
    When the cursor is on the left screen, I cannot return directly on the central iMac screen !!
    What is wrong ???
    Thank you in advance? !

  15. fragmentCR says:

    Very nice. Do you know how it reacts if you’re playing a game or something on the Windows PC? Does it stay on the game screen like in extended desktop or does it screw up if you scroll too far and? onto the other screen? Thanks.

  16. MotorcycleDareDevil says:

    Help – Love your videos but – I have a MacBook running snow leopard. I am trying to use Synergy KM as the CLIENT not as your video shows you using it as the SERVER. I can easily connect my two pc’s together using? Synergy but can’t get it to see the Mac. . . the only error I get is – WARNING – failed to connect to server: address not found for: . Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for all your work on the videos.

  17. ROT12321 says:

    YESSSS I DID IT!!? Thank you SOOOO much!

  18. LeReg says:

    Thanks a lot! You’ve? really helped me out.

  19. dfreniche says:

    It comes installed with Leopard. Just go to “Black and White” Wallpapers? (Screen Savers & Wallpapers)
    It’s a nice one.

  20. axeldtf says:

    Nice Lightning wallpaper, where did you get? it?

  21. andyuehara says:

    Thank you VERY MUCH for the info! Teleport is incredible, and actually works! You? have no idea how I suffered trying to use synergy.

    If I can be of any help, let me know!

  22. Domreis7337 says:

    I would use Teleport for? that… also a free application.

  23. andyuehara says:

    Does it work? between macs? Like an iMac and a macbook?

  24. eerfotibmag says:

    i cant do it, please let me know when u know how to do it, cuz i got the same problem (cant drag files? between screens)

  25. aegnt09 says:

    can you drag files from? your mac to your pc?

  26. fambarki says:

    intenta poniendo home/ con la diagonal o si no funciona eso intenta poniendo la direccion de tu ip en la barra de direcciones tambien depende mucho que navegador de internet uses (firefox,IE,google crome) para saber? cual ip tienes revisa en la pagina whatismyipaddress

  27. MrTumama95 says:


  28. PiiiTuSs says:

    gracis? p

  29. Barodck92RegresaV2 says:

    que gran tuto gracias, Feliz Navidad y Porspero? Año Nuevo a y tu video a mis favoritos y al FACE XD

  30. TheVanessa2025 says:

    gracias es? el primer programa que me sirve de forma permanente :D

  31. JoanManuelHi says:

    tambien puedes usar on-vid . com

    solo copias tu link y listo, megavideo? sin limites

  32. MrAzraeldark says:

    gracias por el video me suscribo espero? otro de tus video XD

  33. fambarki says:

    la manera mas facil es desconectando el modem y conectandolo esto hace que automaticamente busque una ip diferente a la que? tenias esto no funciona si tu modem es de ip fija es decir que solo funciona con una y nunca cambia pero casi todos son dinamicos es decir que funcionan con varias ip asi que intentalo

  34. elskate01 says:

    solo una pregunta? para redireccionar una ip de mi router como podria hacerle con un router marca netgear modelo n600 usuario en USA espero me puedas ayudar

  35. goba005 says:

    o sino para los que tienen infinitum namas apagenlo y prendalo y ya? quedo otros 72 minutos

  36. Eifibian says:

    Deja de usar trucos que? nunca funcionan y descubre el método definitivo para ver películas en megavideo online y gratis.

    Une el link y entra a: cort .as/19lG

  37. SQUIRTHUNTER2 says:

    yo tengo el 4? y no funciona :S

  38. fambarki says:

    no, yo tengo el 5 y no hay? problema

  39. SQUIRTHUNTER2 says:

    debe? ser firefox menor q firefox 4 !!

  40. DRAkOH1997 says:

    cual? firefox es el ke tienez tu we?

  41. electrodivino says:

    ya me chingue? xD

  42. ionutticlau1 says:

    oe pero io lo bajo? i no me deja ver el video solo me deja oir el sonido ocn el programa vcl

  43. MrLuisbimbo says:

    eyt? muy buen complemento, pero aprende a usar tu loquendo,, usa los puntos y comas por que desespera que no aya pausas en la voz, saludos

  44. fambarki says:

    firefox 6? no sabia que ya avia salido pero si si lo tienes pues alomejor no? hay aun version para esa version la unica solucion es que cambies el firefox a 5 o menor

  45. OcOnNeR961 says:

    oye wey cual version necesito por que al instalar ess weas de programas me dice que no es compatible con firefox? 6.0 ayudameeee….

  46. fambarki says:

    busca en internet complementos para firefox despues en la pagina busca Video DownloadHelper y cuando lo encuentres dale en donde dice añadir a firefox despues esperas a que se instale reinisias internet y ya? eso es todo

  47. sergio10588 says:


  48. ThedArKwAy100 says:

    como? instalo eso de las bolitas?

  49. jokerlocco says:

    gracias amigo?

  50. fambarki says:

    esto ya lo e dicho varias veses eso pasa por que el internet no es lo sufisientemente rapido para bajar la pelicula completa antes de los 70 minutos que da megavideo y la unica manera de solucionar ese problema es contratando un internet mas? rapido

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