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Siri (Spire) running on iPod Touch 4th Generation and Proxy Server Setup

November 14, 2012 by admin  
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Siri (Spire) running on iPod Touch 4th Generation and Proxy Server REALLY NOT WORTH IT. AT ALL. FOR NOW. WAIT WAIT WAIT FOR a better way.


25 Responses to “Siri (Spire) running on iPod Touch 4th Generation and Proxy Server Setup”
  1. stephenscami says:

    Wate siri is on i pod? 4

  2. Edogmillionair102 says:

    Want Free Money? Download “App Trailers” From The App Store For Free,? Then Go To The Tab “Redeem” And Type In

  3. Crazed1080 says:

    watch my video for an? easier alternate!:)

  4. Jailbreaks4Cydia says:

    try this: ht tp://iPhone-MY . com
    erase? spaces

  5. flewayjobs says:

    Siri New Tested? Proxies Free watch this Vid watch?v=7nn2SM5RwjI

  6. HDmactutorials says:

    For? a cheap server iMessage me samdill0n(at)aol(dot)com

  7. alex ioncescu says:

    guys? i sell siri servers for $9.99? go? to:

  8. markwongsc says:

    i have got? siri for my iphone 4 at siriforall (.)net

  9. UberDevTeam says:

    Nice tut! :) Visit? my channel for REAL SPIRE PROXY SERVER!

  10. nyjoe15 says:

    @TheWhitakersrock? Can you get me a server?

  11. faxperson says:

    Hey, do you have a 4S to get your? authentication keys?

  12. Lucas Gantioqui says:

    wait if you’re using a private proxy host it? will be fast right?

  13. Ash Bhat says:

    watch my? newest video

  14. MrGusse0123 says:

    How do you make? a Server?

  15. sangokudbz79 says:

    I approve totally your comment. Definitely not worth the pain to set up the server.. Took me up to 3-4 more hours to set up.. plus you need? to recreate certificate each 24 hours..

  16. PetrCBR says:

  17. xblazingwinter says:

    guys this is real, but it only works on his wifi, not anyplace else, it’s super simple to do, some? dude posted a tutorial on how to do this but THIS IS ONLY GOING TO WORK ON YOUR NETWORK ONLY.

  18. 13d3mox says:

    Theimacmania shut fuck if u not gona show use proxies file fake? ass

  19. TheImacMania says:

    hey guys check? my channel for updating list of proxies to use with spire!!

  20. fair light says:

    go to settings? scroll down to spire press on spire then add a server, then go back to settings>general>spire>turn on :) hope this helps

  21. MonsterMusicPlayer says:

    oh but can you post up a? how to make a iPhone 4 Siri(spire) proxy server because i dont want to get a friends iphone 4s and get both of us in trouble with apple

  22. Ash Bhat says:

    @travisray96? You have to turn it on in settings. General>siri

  23. travisray96 says:

    When I try to open Siri it opens voice control. Any help. I installed spire?

  24. TheImacMania says:


  25. Ipodtouchappsrule says:

    can I use your server please!?

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