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A bot for Seafight (new client) that make your bonus map, all of them, green, red, blue and winter. You have to choose the life you wanna repair and the cannonballs you wanna use icon wink SEAFIGHT   Bonus Map BOT Sorry for the quality of the video (it’s with 3xSpeed) The prize: 15€ If you have any dude or want to know anything just send me an e-Mail: seafightbots@gmail.com


18 Responses to “SEAFIGHT—Bonus Map BOT”
  1. OvelhaNegra94 says:

    omg 15 euros ?? LOOL i got all the bots for seafight .. if any one want? them for free .. contact me ;)

  2. RaidProgramm says:

    /watch?v=U14UouSkvzo? raid programm

  3. Bilalsucks says:

    The link: mediafire . com? /?s2p1vsbi0jkx43b

  4. tbwnnrock says:

    Send a text message, and get 5,000 pearls!

    Just send: BIG 6843521

    to: 84994

    Be sure to leave a? space between BIG and 6843521!

    Maximum of 15 text messages per number per day

  5. MrVianej says:

    there is a new script for scar, and alows also the new bonus maps sagittarius? and acpricornus lol

  6. DarkSideSEAFIGHT says:

    I sent you? an email.please reply

  7. Smrk5Uzumaki says:

    looser !!!?

  8. RedWhite1453 says:


  9. Mupku says:

    I have got a problem with this bot. My ship? doesnt want to go repairing

  10. seafightbots says:

    Contact with me? then.

  11. kalako2009xa says:

    I WANT IT!!!?

  12. Dark12aslan says:


  13. seafightbots says:



    Just send me an e-Mail, and I will send you the bot when I recive the money, the e-Mail is? on the description.

  14. Seafighter2010 says:

    what is? the link?

  15. seafightbots says:


  16. Seafighter2010 says:

    what? cost it?

  17. seafightbots says:

    The bot is the program that controls your ship, shoot the ships of the bonus map and repair when it is? needed.

  18. Seafighter2010 says:

    what is? the bot??

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