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Rsbot Alpha Client, All Scripts Working. Updated 28th March 2011

November 15, 2011 by admin  
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Link: (UPDATED EVERY WEEK!) This is a cracked version, Meaning all the Auths will NEVER be Banned. There is over 138 scripts in total..Even AUTO SORC GARDEN PRO! Please thank us at, Bots included * AutoMiner Pro Mine like you’ve never mined before! * AutoHunter Pro 1 to 99 hunter in no time. * AutoFisher Pro Fish every day, and you don’t have to play! * AutoFighter Pro The ultimate combat experience. * AutoWoodcutter Pro Chop wood like a crazy beaver! * AutoRunecrafter Pro Graahk, Abyss, ZMI, F2P … it does it all! * AutoDungeoneering Pro Power-level dungeoneering to 120! * AutoFiremaker Pro Burn any logs at super speeds. * AutoFletcher Pro Fletch all day long. * AutoFarmer Pro Farm your way to 99 while getting rich! * AutoCooker Pro Become a top RS chef with ease. * AutoThiever Pro Level thieving by pickpocketing and stall stealing! * AutoAgility Pro Training the most boring skill, so you don’t have to. * AutoGildedAltar Pro Fastest 99 prayer in the game! * AutoEctofuntus Pro 99 Prayer is fast, cheap, and easy! * AutoSlayer Pro Completing all your slayer tasks. * AutoCrafter Pro 99 crafting is easy! * AutoBDK Pro Serious cash and XP killing Blue Dragons. * AutoGDK Pro Slay Green dragons for mega money and XP! * AutoDragonScale Pro Stealing Dragon Scales for big big money! * AutoZombies Pro 100k Combat XP + 0-200k /hr * AutoAviansies Pro Up to 0k /hr while getting 99 ranged! * AutoGoats Pro Mega XP and money killing desert Goats

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26 Responses to “Rsbot Alpha Client, All Scripts Working. Updated 28th March 2011”
  1. 360Gaminggroup says:

    Sorry about the delay! anyway OMFG It was worked! just doing its first minutes botting my main account at the minute… I can trust it so far!

  2. HDNotchMultimedia says:

    Come people, if you are going to download. Please make sure you me a comment and a thumbs up! Looks like the effect hasn’t reach my expected level!

  3. HDNotchMultimedia says:


    TBH, you’re the one who wants to bot for free :/

  4. Rand0mWorld says:


  5. Sheriffooo says:

    @dianaAfrilia proxy does not work on many sites that have dynamic content.
    Choose a simple cancellation and several times at her fall, if the proxy is working correctly it should show with loads of memory elements, and captures the movement Hits

  6. dianaAfrilia says:

    i installed proxy squid on my kubuntu 11.04 64 bit and became a gateway between me and my mikrotik router board. all worked, but sometimes squid service killed itself and i should restart the service manually.
    then i logged into my vista OS and installed mikrotik inside VMware and activated web proxy with 50 gigs of disk allocated. worked (i meant connected to the internet) but i didnt see any activity in cache tab of web proxy window. does it mean my proxy didnt work properly?

  7. iv3rson76 says:

    Second song is DJ Pele – Namorar Pelado

  8. Sheriffooo says:

    it’s not about anonymity, but a page caching on disk

  9. D00ktraSh says:

    simple proxy : /watch?v=dZf3-yEEofQ?

  10. xDNachoxD says:

    @mohamedkaba95 addy yankee-gasolina

  11. Sheriffooo says:

    Example rules:
    /ip firewall add chain=input in-interface=WAN protocol=tcp dst-port=3218 connection-state=new action=reject/drop
    /ip firewall filter add chain=input src-address=!
    protocol=tcp src-port=1024-65535 dst-port=3218 action=drop
    comment=”" disabled=no

    You can also create many other rules.

  12. Federico19761976 says:

    compliments.. you just configured an open proxy! All internet users will thanks you.. second, the mangle rule is totally unuseful in that way..

  13. Sheriffooo says:

    I do not know where I got this song.
    The file is called “Audio Track1.mp3″ and there is no other information.

  14. mohamedkaba95 says:

    Second song name ???

  15. Sheriffooo says:

    You do not understand the action webpoxy on mikrotik.
    You must still learn a lot.
    Do not bring people in error.

  16. nw1420 says:

    Surf all of your favorite sites with the weedo web proxy!
    Just go to : weedo [.] info and surf your favorite sites without being blocked!

  17. xtornado123 says:

    thx for your answer

  18. Sheriffooo says:

    src-address (IP address; default: – the web-proxy will use this address connecting to the parent proxy or web site. – appropriate src-address will be automatically taken from the routing table (preferred source of the respective route)

    Just as written in the manual, the proxy will only be for the network.

    As you can see RouterBoard not suitable. We need a powerful machine. I recommend a PC with a fast drive.

  19. xtornado123 says:

    - The last rule in? the mangle is there to packets of the proxy was not restricted. Packed with porxy fly without limits. In addition to all other rules.

    then a network limits for hotspot not valid??? i have radius manager for limits and authentication

  20. xtornado123 says:

    hm i have rb433ah as main router when i set chache on disk my cpu i almost always 90-100% router os v 4.5 …… when would i set a on src addres than proxy is only for thath network?

  21. Sheriffooo says:

    i must set this rule when i use a proxy without chache on disk?
    - yes and no, depends on you. But good as it is

    must i set in web proxy settings a src addres for my hotspot network ?
    - not necessarily. The film is shown as a 100% working Proxy does for every type of network.

  22. Sheriffooo says:

    sorry on my bad english…
    - Your English is pretty good.

    last rule in mangle for wath is that?
    - The last rule in the mangle is there to packets of the proxy was not restricted. Packed with porxy fly without limits. In addition to all other rules.

  23. xtornado123 says:

    sorry on my bad english…last rule in mangle for wath is that? i must set this rule when i use a proxy without chache on disk? must i set in web proxy settings a src addres for my hotspot network ?

  24. Sheriffooo says:

    I do not understand what you mean?

  25. LocutoresBrasil says:

    mais uma coisa sem audio e sem utilidade a musica ja entendi!

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