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Renegade & KeeLo Ultimate Mix — JOIN — JOIN!!

September 23, 2012 by admin  
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default Renegade & KeeLo Ultimate Mix    JOIN    JOIN!! – Free Anonymous Web Proxy & Unblock MySpace YouTube Join for FULL Tutorials, Videos!Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Want to learn? Want to get better? Want to prove you’re the best?


25 Responses to “Renegade & KeeLo Ultimate Mix — JOIN — JOIN!!”
  1. uNeAkPRINCE says:

    keelo is dope…
    but you,? renegade, are simply nothing

  2. nw1420 says:

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  3. mattmcgrath43 says:

    how the hell u crip so fast. like watching ur videos and other ppls? videos you are soo much faster. i cant crip that fast. like i can go good pace. but that blew me away.

  4. clutch23q says:

    to samir : lol agreed any1 can be betr and to begin with he aint even that good jst too up himself lol kinda embarassing seeing people write something like that , that no1 can be as good as him? rofl

  5. clutch23q says:

    so much people agree it aint funny? he just too cocky and too up himself to admit the truth

  6. RapWorldz says:

    I dont care of what everyone said? but Renegade is one of the fastest c-walker ^^

  7. 666Zeno666 says:


  8. toolong46 says:

    ur wrong
    you’ll? find out soon enough

  9. toolong46 says:

    its his garage
    and yea keelo’s wearing a pair of? pants that ceewok also owns…
    but its def keelo. Don’t even argue

  10. ProudazaPinoy says:

    wait no? that was Keelo lmao :P sorry. and to lil runz Keelo is one of the best. Maybe not renegade though :P LOL

  11. lilrunz says:

    wtf? there not the best i can already think of 3? ppl who r way better

  12. ProudazaPinoy says:

    That was? Ceewok at 52 seconds…

  13. djaznkid says:

    you aint the best niglet theres fuckin Vietjr? and More people too u doosh.

  14. mfwbaddassmatt says:

    sweet moves?

  15. alphaoni says:

    Also made my first cwalk video.. Anyway check my Moves… I know it’s weak..? No Hati’n PLease!

  16. Kstylah says:

    that website is? a whole piece of shit.

  17. iLLskiLLz005 says:

    keelo reppin cwalksdotcom??

  18. BlAzE4875 says:

    Juelz Santana-The? Second Coming

  19. RaygunM1 says:

    wat song? is that

  20. rebaz says:

    these guys can onl walk great with their
    cortez,? dont like em in them other shoes lol

  21. memblor says:

    excellent? moves.

  22. PinoyEdRob says:

    wowzers i saw ceewok at the end lmfao. or was keelo being homo wearing? other dudez pants?

  23. BlitzCwalker says:

    Man fuck oligarch dont give em thumbs up renegade? is aight bitch.

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