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Remote Corporate Espionage and the Cyber Proxy War

September 19, 2012 by admin  
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Professor Howard Schmidt, ISF President and one time security adviser to the White House discusses how and why corporate espionage is taking place. Phishing emails not to get credit cards or even identity theft information but after logon information for intellectual property theft. Professor Schmidt sites a case study involving a discussion of a former director of counter intelligence of a large European country, where the following two part question was posed. Do you spy on other governments? No – we absolutely do not, we are partners, we have treaties signed etc Do you spy on other companies in other countries? After a brief hesitation, the reply came back. Let me explain it to you this way. If it cost me 20 million euros to buy an aeroplane from another government but if I can acquire that technology and build it for five million euros, isn’t that a good thing? According to Professor Schmidt, many countries around the world have really great technology but have not put a lot of effort into securing their technology. A hack into their systems could be sanctioned at the highest level of government, or an unsanctioned civil servant who thinks they can do their country a service by helping their country acquire technology cheaply or even a hobbiest looking to find out the truth about a project. The issue however is not the motive of the hacker but that companies need to ensure that they have the right security in place in order to enable them to do business securely. We


2 Responses to “Remote Corporate Espionage and the Cyber Proxy War”
  1. spfaris says:

    excellent and eye? opening interview

  2. LanceWinslow says:

    Absolutely a huge issue and something that must be addressed on a much larger issue. This gentleman obviously knows exactly what he is talking about, and everyone ought to be? listening.

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