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Re: My actual EXPERIENCE WITH pedophilia

September 20, 2012 by admin  
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I share this because I believe the lack of rational discussion has grown intolerable. I will not reply to comments. I will not ever log into this account again. This is a one-time deal. If you address hateful messages at me, they will simply fail. If you try to report me to the FBI, they will find nothing. I am using multiple nested proxies and a browser with no flash support. The email addressed used an anonymous web-based form-submission through the same proxy. Besides, i’m sitting in my car borrowing wireless from a nearby neighborhood. Don’t bother trying to track me down. I don’t have anything to fear except persecution from people who disagree with my opinions and those who would take away my children because of my views and my past. Still, I can’t take that risk.

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25 Responses to “Re: My actual EXPERIENCE WITH pedophilia”
  1. truthtofind says:

    Hey uploader, what? really gets my attention is the measures you describe in your video description to protect your identity. I wish I knew how to do that. If you read this, respond under another one-time account and tell me what to learn first – give me a syllabus, if you will. I need this knowledge.

  2. Michelangelo Andolini says:

    Why do these stories never make the news??

  3. purplevolcano says:

    Pleasant and nurturing for whom? How to get consent from someone too young and too manipulated to give it. You think that a non violent sex act cannot be harmful? I had a number of adults ‘try it? on’ when I was a child. No, no one forced me, but the fact that these sleazy men tried it on with me was frightening and disgusting to me. THAT is the true side of paedophilia.

  4. purplevolcano says:

    Justifying your feelings and actions. That is underatndable I suppose, but you are SO deluded if you think that having sex with kids is fine and that paedophiles are somehow non abusive. Paedophiles seek out victims to abuse wherever possible, they are not some kind of benevolent kindly person – children do not SEEK? sex from adults, they submit due to a variety of pressures, some very insidious, clever, non violent, but do not make out that this is in any way OK.

  5. purplevolcano says:

    I fail to see how an sex act between a child and an adult can be justified when you look at all the evidence available to see how it affects the child at the time, OR later on. Maybe OCCASIONALLY there are children who are not harmed by the experience, but I have NEVER met a person who describes the sexual contact instigated by an adult in this way.
    Being? sexually attracted to pre pubescent children is NOT a natural and normal sexual orientation – you are fooling yourselves if you believe this.

  6. Michelangelo Andolini says:

    Totally amazing.?

  7. mariella13579 says:


  8. cold1876 says:


  9. Medina Jazadi says:

    Presenter # GloboManchete Pädophilie keine Angst die Wahrheit zu sagen. ee richtig in die jedes Programm für Opfer des Pädophilen festgenommen Priester und wurde nicht? in Handschellen detonieren den Papst fordert und für alle Ketten, und der Papst. die tapferen Gesicht und das Video zu sehen

  10. Clatterpinch says:

    What difference do you see in? any sexual attraction? I just don’t understand. A grown man who likes children doesn’t feel any differently looking at a child than a grown homosexual man does when he looks at a man.

  11. Clatterpinch says:

    Well, linny with this… “perhaps the age? someone should be able? to have sex should be should be determind by the body when someone hits puberty they arwe ready… sounds logical to me” you just ruined your argument for pedophilia. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children BEFORE they hit puberty.

  12. linny177 says:

    that wasnt what i ment but i? agree somewhat with that idea

    im saying that there are alot of really stupid people in this world who dont have the maturity to have sex its how a couple ends up having 9 kids and cant support them

    i have abuot 7 or 8 good friends one of them is15 now but was 13 when i met him he was more mature than most of my other friends my age

    also i didnt mention child geniuss
    these kids are much smarter than your average adult what about them

  13. linny177 says:

    its not just a sexual? attraction quit thinking this way
    you make them sound like animals

    child molestation denotes abuse
    not consentual sex

  14. linny177 says:

    there are plenty of people our age that shouldnt have sex either

    “I’m opposed to child molestation”
    i already told you child molestares are child molestares not pedophiles
    if you cant understand that simple? fact then our discusion ends here

  15. linny177 says:

    i was just curious what the age of? the person im arguing with was
    thats was i was asuming

  16. linny177 says:

    “either evil or insane”
    that was the best laugh i had all day

    you dont think very highly of me do you
    why should i not have sex if both people want it
    its not like if she says stop i would rape her
    how? old are you? i said im 20. im just curious

  17. linny177 says:

    i was just trying to make a point.
    saying that noone could come outta the closet? without being Threaten’d to some degree
    i wouldnt call myself a pedophile, no.
    but i wouldnt ignore a kid if they showed interest in a relationship, i dont have a particuler interest in little girls
    im just open to the idea as i belive everyone should be.

  18. linny177 says:

    kinda narrow minded but whatever
    i dont expect anyone to agree with me really
    if i wore a shirt that? said im a pedo on it and walked around i would prob be murdered

  19. linny177 says:

    some of the 15 and 16? year olds of today have had sex or are seriously considerering it
    perhaps the age someone should be able to have sex should be should be determind by the body when someone hits puberty they arwe ready… sounds logical to me

  20. linny177 says:

    for example my sister used to have acouple friends (not sure of there ages i would guess they were about 10 maybe a little older or younger, me being 18 or 19 at the time)
    were obviously interested in me and easily more mature than your average kid other friends? of my sister also saying that they were interested.
    so just using this as an example you can gather that there may be a consentual relationship between a kid and a person with 8 years inbetween

  21. linny177 says:

    it depends on the age and maturity
    aside from that there is? a age where these things become impossible like a 4 year old cant comprehend whats happening, so it cant possibly be consentual
    but like 12 i think is ok
    kids are becoming aware of sex, ect. earlyer and earlyer
    they are hitting puberty earlyer and earlyer
    and if we do not adjust the way we think acordingly then we will only end up denying many rights
    we cant belittle people just because they are small

  22. linny177 says:

    “There’s a difference between this and homosexuality”

    “pedophilia harms an innocent child? and scars them for life”
    no, child molestation harms and scars a child
    pedophilia refers to a adult who is attracted to children….sexual or not

  23. GoodFella213 says:

    BUT how? can a GROWN person, be attracted to a CHILD!? That is not healthy! I understand different type’s of love, like the Gay people. They may be the same gender, but they are in love.. When it come’s to pedophilia, it’s a brain condition. These people are not healthy..

  24. linny177 says:

    how could you say what you just said,
    you dont think theres anything wrong with your statement
    i support all types of loves because noone can help it
    you want everyone to? kill themselfs because what you saw on tv make pedophilia looks bad

  25. GoodFella213 says:

    Go kill yourself, you mother fucker. HOW COULD YOU SAY? THAT?

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