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Q&A: What’s the best proxy server to get around China’s firewall?

August 9, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Claire: What’s the best proxy server to get around China’s firewall?

I’ve been trying lots of them and most don’t work and those that do the pages don’t load properly. I heard there’s a good Arabic proxy server that works?
I guess a cyber cafe is the way to go then huh? Because they already have the software installed.

Best answer:

Answer by Jingjing
Use of proxies or virtual private networks to tunnel through our censorship in China is illegal and can land you in trouble.

As a foreigner visiting China, you are expected to follow the local custom and laws. If you are found in violation, punitive measures can be initiated against you and you might be deported.

We wish you a pleasant stay in China.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What’s the best proxy server to get around China’s firewall?”
  1. China Man says:

    Best advice is that don’t use proxies, they leak information and are easy to block. I personally use the Personal VPN to unblock everything. Unlike proxies it is secure and totally encrypts your entire network connection. It does not get blocked and does not raise questions.

    And if you don’t want to pay and stick to a proxy, I will suggest hotspotsheild

    Hotspotsheild is really a good package compared to other packages. It allows you to run all applications of Facebook. There’s a minor hassle involved in that you will need to download the package from the website I gave and make minor changes into your control panel.

    Down with authoritarian CCP government! Cheers!

  2. Mallory says:

    If you ever wanted to know what it feels like living in the dark ages come to China right about now.As a citizen of the internet this makes me mad and not just because I can’t share my inane thoughts with random people online any more but because I know full well that the anniversary will pass here and no one will bat an eyelid. Whether they don’t know or don’t care after all the bloodshed the wrong side won and tyrannical suppression continues in many forms. Sometimes it feels like freedom is a low priority here as long as you’re making money.Besides, the best way of making kids do something is to tell them not to. If it isn’t forbidden, it becomes much less interesting.

  3. Me says:

    you can try these proxy:

    You can also join this group to receive fresh proxies every week in your email inbox :

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