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Q&A: What’s the best and safest free anonymous proxy server?

October 27, 2012 by admin  
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Question by KC: What’s the best and safest free anonymous proxy server?

Are free proxy servers safe? How do you know they aren’t download spyware or viruses to your computer when you download them? Can anybody reccommend a good one? I tried using something called charon but it didn’t work.

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Answer by mistradams
A true anonymous proxy server isn’t downloaded. If you run a proxy on your computer, your IP address will still be made available to the web servers that you connect to. A proxy that you install may block cookies, ads, and mask the type of browser that you use, but that’s it.

Since true anonymous proxies run on a remote computer, and all of your data goes through the remote computer, unless you’re using end-to-end encryption like SSL, the anonymous proxy has access to any data that you send through it.

Privax network of free web proxies:

List of free proxies:

There are reputable proxy servers, but you really can only rely on the reputation:

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8 Responses to “Q&A: What’s the best and safest free anonymous proxy server?”
  1. freeliberation says:

    have a look through here it’s a list of proxy servers, just read them & see which one suits your needs the best! Good luck!

  2. bo75007 says:

    They are kinda obsolete, you can share your internet connection with windows xp.

    Do this by clicking start->control panel->network setup wizard.

    Then choose the option that other computers on the network connect to the internet through this computer.

  3. Jim says:

    unblocked,tons of proxy, no ads

  4. Neelix says:

    Join the best proxy group to always receive the newest proxies in your inbox !


  5. jenny j says:

    try or for a web proxy

    There is a group also that you can subscribe and receive daily new proxy sites in case this one is blocked from you

  6. Matt G says:

    You can unblock sites with using a proxy, try this one:

    Also you can get the latest proxies right in your email from the Freedom Network:

    Also proxies from the Freedom Network are some of the rare proxies on the net that let you comment, send messages, post bulletins, and view all pages of peoples pages on myspace.

    Enjoy, and tell others so they can enjoy too.

    Happy Surfing!


  7. Miha L says:

    Charon is program for analyzing proxy servers. With Charon you will need to import list of free available proxy and then analyze of their works.
    You will then get result with validity, speed etc…
    See Charon proxy tools tutorial:

    Disadvantage with open proxy servers is that they are unstable.
    Almost similar thing is with JAP and TOR. They are both free programs that you need to install on your pc and both works great but because of many people use it they are both slow.

    Depend on what you want you need to make decision.
    If you want free then you can use simple open proxy servers, or free programs JAP, TOR or web based proxies (php or cgi).

    If you have a little money then i will recommend you GhostSurf or Anonymizer.

    Good luck!

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