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Q&A: what proxy lets you reply messages and comments?

October 8, 2012 by admin  
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Question by KamiDropkick: what proxy lets you reply messages and comments?

I need to find a proxy that lets me do everything on it. Thanks for your guys help!

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Answer by H
A free proxy has to be paid for by the owner and they need to make a profit. This applies to hackers and people who just put them up to try and make money.

In order to make money they have to look at your information to advertise to you and then sell the information to places that do marketing.

Proxies run by hackers, probably over 50% of them are there to use you and your IP address so they can do their crimes in your name via your IP address. Any other information they get from you is gravy on top of it all.

Anyone using a free proxy is a fool.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: what proxy lets you reply messages and comments?”
  1. simb says:

    find new proxy list here

  2. Olajsh Q says:

    here are some random proxies

    I hope it would be helpfully for you

  3. Proxy says:

    please replace [dot] with a . and use

    hideinschool [dot] info
    wehateschool [dot] info
    schooldate [dot] info
    schoolthis [dot] info
    fourthgate [dot] info

  4. SH says:

    Proxies can’t do most of the things people think they can. I found that out the hard way over the years constantly trying to find ones that worked and constantly trying to get the Malware off my computer. When they did work pages wouldn’t load properly and sites like Facebook and YouTube didn’t work as they were supposed to.

    I think a better approach is to use a Personal VPN service. or It costs a few dollars but it does work when you need it, is safe and the web sites all work as intended.

    I’ve read several news articles about proxies and how they are being used by hackers all over the world, some employed by foreign governments, to get into millions of computer systems around the world. The goal is to create what they call a bot net which allows them to use all these computers to do allsorts of nefarious things from the safety of these millions of computers. All of this activity then points to the owners of the computers through their IP address and ISP.

    There is also a free limited proxy service that works many times because it changes it’s IP address every morning. It too gets blocked like all proxies but you usually get some time on it and all you need to do each morning is look up the latest address to start over. It’s limited because it only works on certain sites but the good news is that it works on the sites most people want to go to. Most importantly it’s safe to use as it’s run by the Personal VPN company and there are no advertisements while on the proxy.

  5. Nan says:

    The web filter at your school can tell that it’s a proxy when you try and use it. It then blocks it right away. No proxy no matter what the name or how fresh it is is going to work week if at all.

  6. says:

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    You can Unblock Facebook , orkut , hi5, myspace, youtube , metacafe ….etc all … Free Web 4 U

  7. Sby says:

    try these proxy such as or or or

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