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Q&A: What is the point of using a proxy server?

March 9, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Jim G: What is the point of using a proxy server?

Is it just to hide/mask your IP address for being anonymous online and trying to gain access to certain websites you may have been banned from? Aren’t there now better ways of hiding or masking an IP address instead of using a proxy? Some techies tell me proxies can be dangerous since you can pick up viruses and trojans by using them.

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Answer by Sanguine
There are better ways, first of all you can connect through a tight band-width telnet server. Prox servers do not mask your IP they et you past internet proxies, like at a school.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: What is the point of using a proxy server?”
  1. havockwreacker says:

    The key is to find a reliable proxy server and access all other proxies using that server. I’ve gone as high as using 7 proxies at a time.

  2. Ryan Isra says:

    Yes, there are. VPN, SSH-Tunnel. Yes, some proxies could be dangerous. Do you think that they really provide such service for free?
    You gonna pay them, but you don’t know what were taken from you to pay back their service.

  3. SurfUp says:

    Check the link…

  4. H says:

    They are dangerous and full of malware. But beyond that they don’t work 99% of the time. And when they do they don’t’ work very well. So really, what’s the point?

  5. Nan says:

    I’ve found that proxies are really not very good at what they claim to be able to do. As you probably already know they get blocked constantly. In the rare circumstance that a proxy works you find that they have issues with many web site features that make them useless. Plus they are easy to break and leak information.

    As reported on many news and security sites the number of proxies run by hackers is also growing daily. This growth is fueled by the ever growing numbers of hackers in the world needing to create bot nets to hack with. You risk your privacy and your computer using one that claims to be anonymous. Having you computer become a node in a hackers bot net will result in the actions of the hacker being recorded as coming from your computer and IP address.

    The only proxy I’ve found to be somewhat useful because it changes IP’s daily is It is a limited proxy and only works with a few sites. But it seems to work many times and is safe to use.

    The better approach is the Personal VPN which unblocks web sites, encrypts your entire connection for security, and doesn’t get blocked. Plus it works on all web sites and with all applications including flash. Or you can email them at

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