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Q&A: what is the best proxy site for blocked computers?

September 7, 2012 by admin  
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Question by eddy: what is the best proxy site for blocked computers?

myspace and other good sites like that are always getting blocked from school computers and i think that we work hard enough to have a break every now and then so if you know any good proxy sites let me know so we can share them with everybody.

Best answer:

Answer by KingTitansFan28 and type in proxytea

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9 Responses to “Q&A: what is the best proxy site for blocked computers?”
  1. Evolving Squid says:

    If your school’s IT people are worth half the money they’re paid, you won’t be able to get around their blocks that easily.

    You are supposed to be in school to pay attention and learn, not surf the web and rot your brain on myspace.

  2. Detty says:

    i had this problem a few months ago too. when at school; or anywhere else you need to use a proxy site for myspace, facebook, twitter ect. go to google, and type in proxy sites. the first thing that pops up has a list of brand new ones; that arnt blocked. go to one of them, and click begin browse and a little address bar will apear on the page. type in what site you want to go to and enjoy.! hope this helped., it really helped me;]

  3. AllStop42 says:

    Yea, it is getting harder and harder to get around on the schools computers. Even a home based proxy doesn’t work for me anymore. I use to be able to ping the IP address with command prompt, and make some mini-programs, but nothing works anymore.

    Although, the school board where I am from opened facebook, myspace, youtube and almost everything.

  4. ds says:

    Facebook, Myspace and other Proxy address that changes daily.

    Today’s address (3/5) is: port 80

    Get the daily free proxy address here:

  5. Bob says:

    I always using to get fast, new, safe, and working proxies everyday
    also you can get a list of new proxies , IP address and Port numbers
    >you can using it to bypass your school filter<
    you can watch videos and write comments and access myspace, facebook, and youtube and also all sites for free and without advertisements

    good surfing
    where is my vote ?

  6. James says:

    Here are some great proxies that work at my school:

    All three have SSL and are very fast and compatible with MySpace/Facebook.

    If they don’t work, then here’s a constantly updating list of proxies:

  7. Nan says:

    All proxies are created equal using the exact same technology. None is better than any other and the web filters know how to detect them now. So they don’t’ work anymore.

  8. says:

    We have 2 fresh proxies for you, which are not blocked at schools or works:

    You can access Facebook, Myspace, Youtube…. or anything else.

    Happy Surfing !

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