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Q&A: What is a good site to get past proxy blockers on my school server?

May 7, 2011 by admin  
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Question by ashleigh: What is a good site to get past proxy blockers on my school server?

I need a good site to get on myspace from my school server. The school blocks all proxy,social networking and gaming sites and the original proxy I was using is now deactivated.

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Answer by vinny
School is for Learning, not for Myspace, get out of the Lab and go hit the books. It pays off.

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15 Responses to “Q&A: What is a good site to get past proxy blockers on my school server?”
  1. offline says:

    By-passing proxies can get you expelled from school. Anyway, try using Proxifier, ProxyWay, G-Tunnel or Your Freedom Client. Google them all.

  2. STONER says:

    Theoretically, if it was a good site to do that with, your school server will block it. keep trying though. It is never impossible to get a computer to do something it should’nt do, but sometimes it can be very challanging

  3. ' slimRazor ' says:

    Sorry you cant any proxies used are blocked right away.,

  4. Steven says:

    Please try

    Follow me @adsensefan via twiiter to get the updated working proxy or go to

  5. Jakcle boyz says:

    fuck ahahaha i tried all them and they all either got blocked or when i typed in facebook got blocked.

  6. Hanes D says:

    we are using these sites in our school..hope it works for you too cos its working fast and fine for us..

  7. David says:

    I always get a good laugh at you kids coming here asking for ways to bypass school internet site filters. You never learn. you should be putting all those efforts into learning instead of trying to get ways pass school site filters.

  8. Me says:

    you can try these proxy:

    You can also join this group to receive fresh proxies every week in your email inbox :

  9. cristym says:


    I usually go to this site for their latest up to date proxy list of anonymous proxy servers on the internet. The proxies on their list is guaranteed to be alive and still working because they check and update it regularly, so you are assured you have a working proxy list at your disposal and use it whenever you want.

    Hope this info helps in some way.

  10. Rojers says:

    Try these awesome proxies to unblock blocked websites and stream videos!

    Be sure to tell your friends about it so they too can enjoy.

    Happy surfing!

  11. goku says:

    Alright im just gona say it straight up. go up to the tool bar and go to tools.go down to internet options.alright the little window will op up and from the the top tabs go to connections. click the button down by LAN and it will say LAN settings.go into that and where it says proxy at the bottom of the little the check box under where it says use proxy server.Where it says Address type in and for port type if you care it wil say that the computer is in Russia but that wont matter (you will get the occasional russian lettering but u can use google to translate it.)so when you get everything done with click ok on both the boxes and exit out of the browser.then open back up and go to YouTube and and boom there you go.(it might be a little slow but its worth being on whatever you want to be at school.)

    Now if your school got smarter adn blocked the top bar where it says file edit view and bla bla. so then go to start then control panel then in there somewhere will be “Internet Options” and do the same stated above.

    Its Russian because its the best free server that i can find.

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