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Q&A: What is a good proxy so I can get on myspace?

November 8, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Haley: What is a good proxy so I can get on myspace?

I need a GOOD proxy that will let me get on myspace at school….Preferably new and works good. I don’t want anything telling me that I shouldn’t use proxies…All I want is a good proxy.

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Answer by max

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7 Responses to “Q&A: What is a good proxy so I can get on myspace?”
  1. Joe says:

    You are in school to learn. You are not there to bypass your school security system for pleasure.

  2. Mars 2.0 says:

    you go to school to get an education, my taxes are paying for it. there is NO good reason to be on myspace/ facebook while you are in school, wait til you get home

  3. Sylvia says:

    I have to agree with the other answers, use school computers for school work and wait until you get home to go onto myspace. Trying to get around the blocking system is a violation of school computer usage policy and you will get a detention or suspended from school when you get caught.

  4. Jkfdskh Ofkhjsdg says:

    Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working random proxy

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  5. Nan says:

    Regardless of the ethics involved in trying to circumvent these systems the bottom line is you can’t. They detect proxies on the fly and block them.

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