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Q&A: What are the risks of using a public anonymous Proxy Server?

November 30, 2011 by admin  
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Question by rtdaemon: What are the risks of using a public anonymous Proxy Server?

I would like to surf anonymously by using a proxy server. There are many free ones available online.

Although they are anonymous (do not retransmit my IP and infos). Is it possible that some anonymous proxy servers log all its activity, hence could intercept my passwords?


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Answer by Arjun D
Proxies can see everything you do. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING THEY CAN USE!! Do not use any logins while on a proxy. They already sell your proxy’s web history to advertisers so they can generate popups.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What are the risks of using a public anonymous Proxy Server?”
  1. Matt G says:

    You can unblock sites with using a proxy, try this one:

    Also you can get the latest proxies right in your email from the Freedom Network:

    Also proxies from the Freedom Network are some of the rare proxies on the net that let you comment, send messages, post bulletins, and view all pages of peoples pages on myspace.

    Enjoy, and tell others so they can enjoy too.

    Happy Surfing!


  2. Miha L says:

    If you are really concern about your privacy then best possible free solution is using TOR.
    Disadvantage is that Tor is very very slow.
    If you have little money then buy some commercial program like GhostSurf or Anonymizer that do excellent job because of fast, stable servers and they claim do not keep logs of your activity.

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