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Q&A: What are some safe application based proxy clients?

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Question by Jordan Zimmerman: What are some safe application based proxy clients?

I would prefer not to use a web based proxy, and I don’t trust the proxy clients I’ve used in the past.

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Answer by Hor ta
Use a Personal VPN

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What are some safe application based proxy clients?”
  1. bon jovi says:

    Proxy server is really important to get blocking free internet use. Here are some applictions

  2. Kasun says:

    Actually you can’t trust some web proxies. Because they can store your cookies, passwords. But there are some web proxies like or , they are not store anything. When you log out you can clear cookies feature to flush your cookies. Most of them are not provide this feature. So go with what I tell you. You will be safe.

  3. sammy z says:

    There are many out there, Proxifier, Proxy Switcher, and many more. Check my blog below to get a fresh list of proxies and what programs to use.

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