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Q&A: What are some proxy sites to get on myspace?

February 23, 2011 by admin  
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Question by A GiRL: What are some proxy sites to get on myspace?

My myspace is blocked at school and i wanted to know if anyone knows any proxy sites to get to myspace.

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Answer by Google A
use 1 of these

To get fresh proxies right in to your inbox as they are created,
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I mail fresh proxies everyday.,so that you don’t have to ask ne1 nemore icon smile Q&A: What are some proxy sites to get on myspace?

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21 Responses to “Q&A: What are some proxy sites to get on myspace?”
  1. Natasha** says: and too

  2. drew g says:

    Can you not wait a few hours till you get home to check it. Chances are like ANY school computer system they have ways of checking every website you’ve been to and WHEN not if they find out where you’ve been using proxies to take back doors to websites they have blocks you are looking at potential suspension or expulsion for technically “hacking” the school’s blocks. So i hope knowing if your in your friends top 10 is worth what you chancing.

  3. sup3rx3r0 says:

    get proxy sites from

    my frequently used proxy site:

  4. Seth M says:

    There is a time and a place for surfing Myspace but school isn’t it. The school has rules to follow when using the computers to help you do your school work. Trying to get around the filtering systems breaks those rules. You can and probably will suspended or get banned from using schools computers when you get caught. There is nothing critical on myspace that can’t wait until you get home from school.

  5. Joe says:

    Let’s first establish: Myspace is not a requirement.
    There is nothing that important on Myspace that can’t wait until school is dismissed. If you are discovered using the school computers for restricted sites, you will endure severe consequences; that you really don’t want to. It’s honestly not worth the repercussions involved.
    There are plenty of sites your computer will allow that are far better than Myspace, and worth your time.

  6. Anonymode says:

    I suggest you try out these brand new proxies. Just type in a URL and press GO!


    These proxies are likely to get blocked soon, so I suggest you sign up for our instant email updates. This way, you’ll never need to look for another proxy again!
    More Info –


    Also, feel free to check out our proxy network’s facebook page. Make sure to become a fan and share it with your friends!
    Our Facebook Page –


    Happy Browsing! And don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the fun!

  7. Steven R says: – contains a list of 30+ SSL (https://) domains all on unique ips – so if one gets blocked try another (remember to make sure you try httpS:// if http:// gets blocked)

    they all work with MySpace/YouTube and other sites you would expect to visit with them

    be sure to tell your friends about these websites!

  8. says:

    It’s the #1 proxy site with complete animation encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer so you’re firewall from your job will never know you’re using it. This is 100% SAFE!

  9. Roc18 says:

    Check this blog I found, the guy posts updated proxies every day

  10. Mike D says:

    Here’s a free proxy created today:

    -Unblock ANY Website
    -watch youtube videos
    -download up to 100 MB
    -hide you IP and stay anonymous
    -Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

    I get new proxies here everyday:

    Email me if it’s not working and i’ll email you a proxy that I haven’t advertised yet

  11. Zach says:


    School/work servers often have a large, frequently updated website ban list. At my school, proxy websites found are banned within a week (apparently all schools in the state have the same annoying filter, not like you SHOULD be on myspace/beeboo/whatever during school time, but eh). Proxytoolbox seems to be the best list of proxys as it is updated very frequently. At least with an updated list, once the proxy that works gets banned you can simply search for another :)

    Eh, still you really should just wait until school is finished.

  12. Ronnel S says:

    You can give this proxy a try to unblock those blocked websites; it works like a charm!

    Be sure to tell your friends about it so they too can enjoy.

    Happy surfing!

  13. Zune says:

    I use at school and it works here..

  14. Ronny J says:

    There are a lot of free proxies you can use here are 2 links that have a lot of working proxies:

    You just click the one on list and it will redirect you to the working proxy

    And I prefer this 2 cause of nice and simple design:

    You only write in address bar and hit GO!

    Hope I helped you.

  15. says:

    I highly recommend that you and all your friends sign up to the newsletter to get proxies emailed to you daily. This mean that you will never be blocked again.

    If the address above is blocked you can send a blank mail to

    Here are a few proxies that people from our group use:

    I highly recommend that you and all your friends sign up to the newsletter to get proxies emailed to you weekly.

    Happy Surfing!!!

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