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Q&A: What are good proxy site(s) for use during school?

July 17, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Mr.Clift: What are good proxy site(s) for use during school?

My school has extreeeeeeeemely strict internet filtering, and I need a proxy that can bypass that all. I don’t think it can even have the name “proxy” in it at all. And no, camolist does not work here (it worked fine at my last school, that will tell you just how strict the filter is). Thanks, and no lame answers asking why I’m not doing school work lol I do all my work anyway!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What are good proxy site(s) for use during school?”
  1. bon jovi says:

    Here is good proxy to use at boring school. :D

  2. Computer Technician says:

    It’s hard to believe what measures the school kids will go
    to in order to defeat the school blocked web sites.
    They should realize that computer use in the schools is
    for school work only.
    And that people pay their hard earned money for school taxes
    so kids can go to school and get a good education. But seems
    that all the kids worry about is how they can defeat the
    school blocked web sites and how they can get on
    Face Book, My Space, and other blocked sites.

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