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Q&A: very very diffcult question about proxy ip address not sure anyone can answer. Info on details?

November 27, 2010 by admin  
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Question by Matt: very very diffcult question about proxy ip address not sure anyone can answer. Info on details?

okay lets pretend my real ip address is I logged into a High Anonymous proxy ip address so my real ip address couldn’t be shown. Then i logged into stickam.com. Then I went into a stickam chat room. Then later on, I clicked on a stickam users name and clicked the flag option. Then before it flagged the user, a box popped up and the box said on the buttom of it ” are you sure you want to do this? ” and also said ” your ip address is being recorded as ( So now my question is, how in the world was stickam.com able to detect my real ip address since i was using a High Anonymous ip address? Aren’t those undetectable? I even tried logging into a disturting ip address, in hopes that, that would bypass stickam from detecting my real ip address for sure. But when i click the flag option in the stickam chat room just to check to see if my real ip address was hidden, it showed my real ip address again. WTH. so my question how in the world was stickam.com able to detect to my real ip address. And incase your confused about what i’m talking about or don’t think its possible, then log into a proxy ip address right now, go to a stickam chat room, flag any user, then read it telling you your own ip address even though your using a proxy. my other question is how do i bypass stickam from detecting my real ip address. I want to get around stickam.com from detecting m ip address, because every other website i been too, has never detected my real ip address. Just stickam!! Like i said, this question is not a easy one! and its been bugging me like crazy. How in the world was stickam able to detect High Anonymous ip address. I thought that was impossible, according to whatismyipaddress.com. Anyways still my questions i’m hoping someone can answer. So let me know.

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Answer by Mercuri
Your IP address doesn’t originate from your computer. It is assigned to you by your ISP. As such, there is no software that you can download that will hide your IP address, since it’s not located on your computer. All those “hide my IP” programs do is stop your web browser from openly broadcasting your IP address (if even that much), but it’s still easy for servers to find out your real IP address.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: very very diffcult question about proxy ip address not sure anyone can answer. Info on details?”
  1. SH says:

    Proxies can’t do most of the things people think they can. I found that out the hard way over the years constantly trying to find ones that worked and constantly trying to get the Malware off my computer. When they did work pages wouldn’t load properly and sites like Facebook and YouTube didn’t work as they were supposed to. One of their drawbacks is the one you found. They leak IP addresses easily and are trivial to see through.

    I think a better approach is to use a Personal VPN service. http://www.surfbouncer.com or unblock@surfbouncer.com It costs a few dollars but it does work when you need it, is safe and the web sites all work as intended. The VPN will tunnel your entire network connection and no leaks.

  2. dave says:

    A VPN is costly, why bother when you can use Private Proxies for free. Theres a transparency when using anonymous ip addresses, that allows anyone you connect to with this sort of proxy to see exactly where your coming from. I know all about proxies as I run a Proxy site called http://www.ProxShare.com each day I hand select exclusive private proxies for my email subscribed list of users.

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