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Q&A: Proxy for FaceBook that allows you to take quizzes?

August 10, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Person: Proxy for FaceBook that allows you to take quizzes?

I have parental controls, and every proxy I’ve used won’t allow me to click some things or take quizzes. I do make sure “Remove Scripts” is unchecked.
Anyone have a proxy that allows you to do more things than most?

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Answer by frank 7
take this

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Proxy for FaceBook that allows you to take quizzes?”
  1. Israo S says:

    try this random proxy it allow you to bypass restricted sites

    so check it out and tell your friends!

  2. Johy says:

    Your desired facebook proxy list available here. You are most welcome to browse facebook and other blocking sites through these proxies-

  3. Zagaziko O says:

    Here is a link include a lists of fresh fast proxy list i have just find today:
    Remember to tell your friends about this proxies,


  4. Web Guy says:

    Hi, is a Proxy Directory site where you will find brand new proxy sites every day for Myspace, FaceBook, Youtube, Bebo, Friendster & others. These proxy sites will hide your personal information & let you browse those pages you wanted. These are absolutely free too. So bookmark & visit it for brand new proxy sites everyday.

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