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Q&A: How to turn Abyss Web server into proxy server?

October 14, 2012 by admin  
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Question by YourEye: How to turn Abyss Web server into proxy server?

I downloaded and installed Abyss Web Server X1 and i have confirmed that it’s running, but now i want to turn it into a proxy, and i was wondering how?

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Answer by subzerosuperman
Easy. Install PHP if you haven’t already done so. Then go to http://www.phproxy.org/ or http://webscripts.softpedia.com/script/Internet-Browsers-C-C/PHProxy-33336.html. Download the zip file which contains the proxy files(seven files total). Out of all the files in that zip folder, only three are necessary to run the proxy (read the readme file).
Make sure that once PHP is installed, make sure it works.
I’ve done this before and it’s nice, just don’t give up. It took me forever but I finally got it up, if you have any more questions, I will check back in with you, just ask.

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One Response to “Q&A: How to turn Abyss Web server into proxy server?”
  1. james_0320150 says:


    This proxy is a brand new proxy and will work!

    You can unblock websites/ use a different IP with a proxy, use this
    proxy, Super speed:


    Be sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace page or blog
    so others can enjoy.

    Happy Surfing!


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