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Q&A: how to avoid the logging by proxy server?

November 10, 2011 by admin  
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Question by yours_sivasiva: how to avoid the logging by proxy server?

my organisation is using proxy server and they have given proxy server number. what i have to do to avoid logging by proxy server and download without the knowledge of the proxy server? Any technical tips pls?

Best answer:

Answer by =^.^= 1337
It goes as this.

Computer –> Network Hub –> Firewall/Proxy –> Server Head –> Internet.

There is no way, or you couldn’t connect. Best bet is going on a proxy such as and entering your website in there, It’ll proxy your proxy, Interesting eh?

So their proxy will only display “” etc. instead of your website.

But they may have blocked it, no other luck.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: how to avoid the logging by proxy server?”
  1. Idan P says:

    Note that even if you use a proxy (not your proxy server) to get into the website, there is a chance that your moves are logged and can be monitored.

    Before you actually do that, think whether it’s really worth it (probably risking losing your job)

  2. kareemhatem says:

    hi my friend this is the best answer for you question

    the best way for using proxy server and surf hidely your have to go to surfannoymously websites and the one which i trusted and think it is the best

  3. Steven R says:

    those 2 are on separate physical servers so if one does not work try the other

    they work with myspace, youtube, and all the other sites you would want to visit

    they use a https address not http — this will make them much much harder to block

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